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Posted 25/11/2016 10:11 AM

Keira Knightley at Lordship Park

Some fabulous BTS footage here of the stunning Keira Knightley at our Lordship Park location.

Shot for Harper’s Bazaar back in September and featuring an enviable stash of CHANEL accessories, we love the regal styling and beautiful pastel colours.

We don’t mean to ‘Harp’ on but this is Lordship Park at its finest!

Even Keira herself can’t believe how beautiful the location is…

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Posted 17/11/2016 10:11 AM

Coffee at Clapham Common

As Winter is definitely upon us, a cup of coffee can surely not be improved on… No, we’re not talking about the usual Starbucks festive bevvies; George Clooney and our Clapham Common location have gone one better!

This advert from Nespresso was ‘shot’ earlier this year… (if you pardon the coffee pun) ;)

 We also LOVE this Behind the Scenes video with gorgeous George and the crew on-set…

Clapham Common is exclusive to 1st Option. 

To book Clapham Common for your next shoot - call us now on 0207 284 2345




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Posted 14/07/2016 12:07 PM

Mon dieu! Sacre bleu! And, of course, zut alors!

As it is Bastille Day we thought we should come up with a suitably Gallic blog post to get everyone in the mood. And when it comes to locations, what could be more French than, erm, French Doors?

Where would be without French Doors? Not quite a door and not quite a window, they came about in France, funnily enough, in the 17th Century and spread like wildfire throughout the European continent shortly thereafter.

Some of our locations here at 1st Option have absolutely magnifique French Doors, so take a look at the images above and click the links below for more info.

Have a bon Bastille Day, everyone!

Brixton House: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/brixton-house

Clapham Common: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/clapham-common

Julianna: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/julianna

Strawberry Vale: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/strawberry-vale


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Posted 07/07/2016 1:07 PM

As it is World Chocolate Day today (we know, they have a day for everything, erm, these days), 1st Option has been having a think about which of our locations are particularly chocolate-y.

After a bit of brainstorm we decided that when you think of chocolate, one place that perhaps unexpectedly springs to mind is the roll-top bath.

“But why? But why? But why?” I hear you scream. Well, for those of you old enough to remember the classic Cadbury’s Flake adverts this should all make perfect sense. For those of you too young to remember, prepare to have your tiny minds blown…


So, if you’re looking for the best bath in which to enjoy a Flake have a look at the images above and you can find links to the locations below.

Other crumbly, flakey chocolate bars are available.

Aylestone: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/aylestone

The Boathouse: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/boathouse-the

The Mill: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/mill-the

The Rookery: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/rookery-the


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Posted 29/06/2016 1:06 PM

Anyone for tennis?

Yes, indeed-y! It’s that time of year again. But you don’t need to be a Novak Djokovic to have a go yourself. All any wannabe Serena Williams requires is a bit of pluck, a racquet and ball and, well… A tennis court!

And if you’re looking for a tennis court for a sophisticated shoot or some action packed filming, then 1st Option has some locations we think you would “love” to take a look around!

At the top we have the “Ace” Maple in Hampshire: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/maple

Next one down is a real “Grand Slam”, it’s Norton in Somerset: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/norton

“You cannot be serious” if you aren’t in love with the charming Old Kiln in Surrey: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/old-kiln

And finally, it may be a “backhanded” compliment, but we were chuffed when we found our Purley location: http://www.1st-option.com/locations/view/purley

So, I think that’s us out of tennis puns. But we’re never short on good locations, so if you’re looking for something get in touch on the “doubles”.

Whoops! There goes another one!


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