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Arch Appeal: Exploring the Rise of Arches in Homes Today | Location Agency Blog | 1st Option

Arch Appeal: Exploring the Rise of Arches in Homes Today

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From arched windows to alcoves, bookshelves to custom kitchen cabinetry, arches in design have surged in popularity over recent years. Today, we’re taking you on a tour of some fabulous locations that showcase the diverse uses of arches in interior design.

Let’s begin with the architectural marvel, Blue, a converted chapel boasting four grand arched sash windows that flood the space with natural light. This striking feature serves as the focal point of the room, enhanced by the delightful interplay of sunlight and tree shadows.

Shoot Location – Blue (1st Option Locations)

While Blue flaunts its structural elegance, there are numerous ways to incorporate archways into your own space, regardless of its size. Take, for instance, our latest addition, Otto. The custom joinery in its extension features four arched display units with integrated bookshelves, injecting a more playful element into the room in comparison to conventional built-ins.

Left: Shoot Location – Otto. Right: Shoot Location – Mint (Both 1st Option Locations)

Another stellar example of bespoke joinery can be found in the study area at Mint. Here, a spacious arched alcove adorned with shelving and a desk cleverly defines the workspace, while an understated accompanying arch cupboard adds to the room’s charm. Additionally, Mint seamlessly integrates arches to connect the study area with the kitchen/dining extension, ingeniously allowing more natural light to filter through a fluted arched window.

Shoot Location – Memphis (1st Option Locations)

At our shoot location Memphis, arches serve as elegant dividers within the lounge, creating distinct yet harmonious zones. On one side, a warm and inviting atmosphere is cultivated with rich wood panelling, perfect for cosy relaxation. Meanwhile, the other side offers a brighter ambiance adorned with pastel hues and a piano, ideal for hosting gatherings.

Throughout the space, the motif of arches is echoed, contributing to its cohesive design. An arched mirror adds visual interest, while a doorway gracefully leads into the kitchen, maintaining the flow between areas. Additionally, round accents such as windows and art pieces further accentuate the timeless charm of the arches, infusing the space with a sense of harmony and sophistication.

Shoot Location – Perry (1st Option Locations)

At last but most definitely not least, let’s delve into Perry, a modern design masterpiece brimming with arches. From the kitchen’s symmetrical beauty, featuring arched cabinetry and a central island, to the dining space enhanced with striking green-hued custom display units flanking the fireplace, Perry exudes contemporary elegance. Not to mention, the arched mirrors and oval window further elevate the dining area’s aesthetic appeal.

In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, arches have emerged as versatile and timeless elements, adding character and sophistication to any space. Whether grand or subtle, these graceful curves are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.