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Ask the Agent: Episode 1

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In our first episode of the series Senior Account Manager Sophia answers the top questions we receive at 1st Option.

Ask the Agent: Episode 1

With Senior Account Manager Sophia Weston.

Hello and welcome to our new series, “Ask the Agent”. I’m Sophia, Senior Account Manager here at 1st Option and I’m here to answer all of your questions.

Phone rings – “Good Morning 1st option… yeah, that’s fine I’ll book that in for you”

Question 1

Our first question is, how do I get in touch?

You can get in touch with us by phone, email or live chat, we prefer the phone because it’s more personal, but if you’re on our site and you see a location you like and you want to shoot us a quick question just drop us a line, we’re all on it so you are still speaking to us.

Question 2

Our second question is, when will you get back to me?

Our optimum response time is 15 minutes, but it depends on your enquiry as to how complex it is.

Question 3

Our third question is, where are your locations?

We’re mainly based in London but we do have the home counties and Europe too.


So just to recap, our three questions were…

  • How do I get in touch?
  • When will you get back to me?
  • Where are your locations?

Top Tip

Our top tip is, the more information you give us, the more we can help with your brief!