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Ask the Agent: Episode 2


Ask the Agent: Episode 2

With Account Executive Nina-Jade Jaspaul.

Oh, didn’t see you there. Welcome back to Episode 2 of “Ask the Agent”, I’m Nina-Jade and I’m an Account Exec.

Question 1

So, you’ve got a new brief, what do you do?

You can give us a call or send us an email. Just always make sure to include:

  • What date the shoot is
  • What type the shoot it is, is it filming, are you doing stills?
  • Your crew size including cast
  • Your access hours you need at the location
  • And do you have a budget you are working towards?

Question 2

Next question. Do I have to find the location on your site myself?

I mean the simple answer is, no, you can if you want to? But we can also do it for you. We have an online and offline library and we know our locations like the back of our hand, so we can find the perfect location to suit your brief. We’re really here to cater for you guys.

Just going to pop out for a cheeky coffee, got my reusable cup, environment first.

Question 3

Ooh lovely. Next question. I’ve found a location I like, what do I do, well quite simply we can put a pencil on it for you. Or what some people call, an Option, and if you can decide between two you can hold options on multiple locations if you want and then when you are ready to confirm, we book it.

Top Tip

Top tip of the day, always ask about a recce. It’s always good to view a space before the shoot, just to make sure it has everything you need you wouldn’t want to turn up and somethings missing or out of place.