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Ask the Location Owner: Episode 3

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Sophia – Hello and welcome to another episode of Ask the Location Owner. Today we’re at Seymour.

Question 1

Sophia – Was your walk-in closet already in the house or is it a feature you added in?

Michaela – The walk in wardrobe is every girl and every woman’s dream and I always dreamt to have it and when we purchased this house we didn’t have it here at all and I was very lucky that I could completely design it from scratch so in answer to your question no it wasn’t here!

Question 2

S – What’s your favourite room in the house?

M – My favourite room would have to be our living room. It’s full of life and energy, flowers and I love the velvet sofa, it’s the ultimate luxury, I think.

Question 3

S – What makes your location stand out from others?

M – It would have to be the natural flow of the whole house, the light which is present in every room and very high ceilings.

S – Ahhh, I love a sauna! Now it’s time for Michaela’s top tip!

M – My top tips would be to set a boundary at the beginning of the day, tell them what you like, what you dislike and probably the bigger tip would be, have fun during the day!