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East vs West: What’s your cup of Rosy Lee? | Location Agency Blog | 1st Option

East vs West: What’s your cup of Rosy Lee?

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From East to West London, our beloved, well-preserved capital is a filmaker’s paradise! Whether you’re strolling past the elegant townhouses of Sherlock Holmes’ Marylebone or pacing the mysterious Victorian streets of Jack The Ripper’s Whitechapel, there’s atmosphere around every corner.

“West is best”, as the saying goes…but do you agree? Whilst the West End might be the Hollywood’s darling, we’ve found many a hidden treasure along the ginger line…

Our exclusive mansion location, ‘Aslan’, is a Georgian gem in Mile End:

The faded grandeur of Aslan

East:1 West:0

Meanwhile, have a butcher’s hook at this bohemian artist’s residence in W6 ‘Upper Mall’ 

Huge rooms and lots of light

East:1 West:1

Travel further South-West to our exclusive location ‘Blake House’ for luxe, contemporary interiors:

Simplicity in design

East:1 West:2

There’s more to be found in Dalston than just doner kebabs. Check out this feast for the eyes, Dalston Delight

Modern & stylish

East:2 West:2

And we couldn’t mention the trendy East end without highlighting this new industrial warehouse locationSteel’, perfect for futuristic shoots:


East:3 West:2

What the West lacks in warehouses, it makes up for in wood panelling! One of the team’s favourite houses, 8teen’ is perfectly put together:

Neutral colour palettes and an abundance of wood paneling!

East:3 West:3

So there you have it – a tie! It seems wherever you shoot in London, you’ll find something special.

Cat x