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Fancy Dress for Halloween at 1st Option

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This year we decided to host a fancy dress day in the office for Halloween. The idea was put forward by Creative Assistant Melisa (naturally, because her birthday is on Halloween) and approved by our General Manager, Abi. And so, on that day, it was decided; 1st Option Locations would host a fabulous fancy dress day, and no other employees had a say on the matter!

We thought we’d use our blog to document all the costumes, both for the archive and so that we can inspire the rest of the world with our unmatched creativity. Stay tuned to find out who won the prize for Best Dressed (feel free to do a low-risk bet with yourself while you’re reading).

Melisa as Velma Dinkley

Melisa dressed up as Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo! Surprisingly, she managed to make it through the day without losing her glasses. She used her magnifying glass to carefully inspect everyone’s costume, ensuring there were no ghosts or goblins in disguise.

Luis as the Goblin King

Definitely not undercover, we had the Goblin King visit the office. The character originates from the film Labyrinth (1986) and is played by the late and iconic David Bowie. We were all convinced his hair was real and styled by Luis himself, and so we came to the conclusion that this is a hairstyle he should definitely pursue beyond Halloween.

Velma Dinkley & The Goblin King

Abi as Alice in Wonderland

Next we had a Halloween classic – Alice in Wonderland, sported by our General Manager Abi, who finished the look perfectly with white tights and a pair of black classic lace-up shoes. This was not just a costume, but a fantasy fashion statement, perfectly accompanied by Abi’s already-long, blonde hair!

Velma Dinkley & Alice in Wonderland

Sophia as Wednesday Addams

We had another fashion moment from Sophia, who dressed up as Wednesday Addams, specifically making reference to the latest Netflix series Wednesday. This look was spooky but stylish and perfectly exemplified that your existing wardrobe can hold many possibilities for Halloween costumes! More points were scored for her hairdo as she put them up in 2 neat plaits, flaunting the essence of Wednesday’s style.

Velma Dinkley & Wednesday Addams

Nina & Naomi as Satan

A famously low-cost, low-effort but effective Halloween costume – the devil horns. Nina brought some spooky spirit to the workplace with this sparkly red number, paired with her usual comfy, casual office fit. Naomi was meant to match but she forgot her horns at home (or so she says…), so Nina kindly lent hers to Naomi. This actually worked out for the best, because who wants two satanic Bookings Agents simultaneously roaming around the office?

The Devilish Bookings Team!

Robin as…Cher?

Next we had Robin as…we’re not exactly sure what, but let’s call it something ungodly. Melisa thought he was the Grand High Witch from the 1990 dark fantasy film The Witches, but apparently this was not the case. Robin’s Halloween costume was definitely the most scary (bloody frightening, to be honest) and therefore deserves plenty of recognition. He even decided to scare our pants off by knocking on the office door wearing the mask – we thought this was particularly cruel since we hadn’t yet had our morning coffees and could not bear the terror.

Lily as a black pug

And last, but most certainly not least, we had Lily come in as a black pug! Oh, wait… we’ve just been told that she is, in fact, a black pug. Never mind.

Velma Dinkley & Unknown Monster

So, who was the winner?!

And the winner for Best Dressed was…the Goblin King (Luis)! He was over the moon and was awarded a lovely bucket of Halloween treats (which we made him share with the rest of us…a trick indeed).

That’s all for now!

If you want to see all our Halloween costumes in a video, check out our TikTok video which judges each person’s fit here.

We hope you enjoyed reading all about our fantastically creative Halloween costumes. Can’t wait to see what everyone wears next year!