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Going Behind the Scenes of Celebrity Goggle Box 2019


A secret about the hit show that the producers don’t want you to know.

Pssst, don’t tell anyone, but we’ve got a juicy showbiz secret to share with you about Celebrity Goggle Box 2019. 

Rylan Clarke with his mum Linda

Who could have predicted that when Goggle Box hit our screens back in 2013, it would become a national hit? With the penultimate episode of Celebrity Goggle Box airing on the 18th of July, it seemed like a good time to reveal a little secret about the show.

According to Closer, the Channel 4 series sees a massive 4 million of us tune in to watch other regular families watching and commenting on television. So naturally, after the success of the first few series, the producers decided to introduce a spin-off version called Celebrity Goggle Box in 2018. Allowing Brits across the country to watch their favourite celebrities provide commentary on the most talked about TV of the week. 

Flash forward a year and Summer 2019 has seen Celebrity Goggle Box return to our screens. With a line-up of famous faces including the likes of Radio 1 Dj Nick Grimshaw, presenter Rylan Clark-Neal, girl band Little Mix, legendary boxer Chris Eubank and political figure Stanley Johnson, to name a few. 

Some of the stars that featured on this years Celebrity Goggle Box

However, it seems to be a widespread belief amongst the British public that the celebrities film Goggle Box within the comfort of their own houses. It’s only natural to assume that when we see the celebs gathered around the TV, relaxing on the sofa and laughing over snacks, they’re at home. However, this isn’t strictly true. So while many of us tune in for the famous faces and to catch a glimpse inside of the A-listers homes, what we don’t realise is that most of them don’t actually really live there!

According to the London location agency, 1st Option, the homes we see some of the celebrities are not in fact, their homes. The living rooms we see our favourite A-listers relaxing in are the homes of location owners. These homeowners rent their properties out for filming or photoshoots within the media.

Little Mix at location home Metallica

Locations director, Sophia, who is responsible for organising the locations used in Celebrity Google Box, tells all. “The producers of Goggle Box contacted me a few weeks ago, asking if we could source them locations for the celebs” reveals Sophia. “Of course, we got to work straight away and everything moved quickly from there.” Sophia continues, “We made sure to provide Channel 4 with luxury locations, which would be believable that the celebrities could live there.” It appears the location agency did a rather good job at scouting convincing location homes as the nation is none the wiser, until now. 

So, which homes don’t belong to the celebs on the show? “Channel 4 booked locations for celebs such as Little Mix, Professor Green and Example, as well as Bananarama” explains Sophia. “Little Mix shot in our location home Metallica, Professor Green and Example filmed in Onyx and Bananarama went to our shoot location, Florence.” Having A-listers in your home can be quite the experience. “All our location owners commented on how easy and relaxed the shoots were for Goggle Box, the owner of Florence even got a selfie with Bananarama. She was chuffed!” tells Sophia. 

Bananarama at location home Florence

Although it may seem a little strange that some celebrities don’t film in their own homes, it’s with good reason. “Some A-listers purposely film in another location for security reasons, whilst others, such as Professor Green and Example don’t live together, so it’s easier to shoot the show in a middle ground.” Reveals Sophia. 

Professor Green and Example at location home Onyx

So there we have it. Did you have an inkling the celebrities didn’t film their own homes or were you convinced those sofas were theirs? 

Let us know in the comments below!