Award season it is and Leo, in The Revenant, has so far basked in the golden glow of a globe, won Best Actor at the BAFTAS, and is praying for the coveted Oscar at the end of this month.

So these well-oiled cogs have been turning & in homage to the seasoned man himself here are some of our locations that he, most definitely, should have filmed at:

Unleash the beast within….. 


(I shouldn’t need to spell it out but just incase….The Revenant)

Walnuts Farm

Leo can come fly away with us…


(The Aviator)

Airfield, Hertfordshire

Back to Bedlam….


(Shutter Island)

The Asylum

His heart should have gone on here….


(I’m not even going to insult you with an answer!)

HMS President location boat