Posted 14/07/2016 1:07 PM

Mon dieu! Sacre bleu! And, of course, zut alors!

As it is Bastille Day we thought we should come up with a suitably Gallic blog post to get everyone in the mood. And when it comes to locations, what could be more French than, erm, French Doors?

Where would be without French Doors? Not quite a door and not quite a window, they came about in France, funnily enough, in the 17th Century and spread like wildfire throughout the European continent shortly thereafter.

Some of our locations here at 1st Option have absolutely magnifique French Doors, so take a look at the images above and click the links below for more info.

Have a bon Bastille Day, everyone!

Brixton House:

Clapham Common:


Strawberry Vale:


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