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Quiet Luxury – an Interiors Edit

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Step into the realm of Quiet Luxury, a trend recently revived in the fashion sphere with brands such as Khaite, The Row, and Celine at the forefront. As ever, we’re seeing the two worlds – fashion and interiors – overlap. This movement celebrates understated elegance, embracing classic muted colour palettes, exquisite craftsmanship, and premium quality pieces. As we embark on this journey, we explore the surge of luxurious homes that embody this refined aesthetic, where every detail whispers sophistication and timeless allure.

We’ve picked some of our stylish, interior-designed spaces that we represent for your perusal: 

Shoot Location – The Granary (1st Option Locations) Photographer – Nick Smith

The Granary 

This impeccably designed living room epitomises the trend with its sophisticated yet understated ambiance. Muted tones and delicate hues compliment the light wood parquet flooring, the plants bringing life into the space. Textures include the painted brick chimney breast, wood-panelled walls and the patterned rug. Every detail is meticulously curated to work in harmony. 

Shoot Location – Crown (1st Option Locations)


An elegant study space with bespoke wooden cabinetry, complete with a spacious bookshelf, a sophisticated bar and ample cupboards for practicality. Statement lighting creates a sculptural centrepiece, while subtle yet complementary textures adorn the chair, footstool, and side table, adding layers of tactile luxury. The rich palette envelops the space in a welcoming warmth. 

Shoot Location – Troverta (1st Option Locations)


A soft approach – it’s in the details in this minimalist Scandinavian home. The custom draped curtain softly diffuses the natural light whilst adding a touch of texture and harmony against the lime washed ceiling and light wooden furnishings and flooring. The result is a luxurious serene bedroom oasis, where every element works together seamlessly to create a haven of tranquillity. 

Shoot Location – Cuva (1st Option Locations)


This contemporary residence harmonises with its surroundings through thoughtful proportions and ample natural light. Tall, narrow windows frame the focal point—a cosy log burner—while adding to the sense of spaciousness in the living area. Symmetry reigns in this warm, neutral palette, accentuating the minimalist yet luxurious ambiance of the space, inviting residents to bask in its understated elegance.

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful examples of quiet luxury amongst our fantastic shoot locations! What are your opinions on this interior style?

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. Until next time!