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In British Vogue’s March edition, we find an incredible editorial with Kate Moss and Stefano Pilati. The editorial is named ‘In-Between Days’ with the stunning backdrop of ‘The House’. Photographer Nikolai Von Bismarck captures Kate’s raw beauty whilst stylist Kate Phelan uses Pilati’s own brand Random Identities to showcase the undefined beauty of both Kate and the brand!

We also find Stefano Pilati in Vogue’s editorial, Stefano has been head of design at Yves Saint Laurent and Ermenegildo Zegna before he founded his own ready-to-wear brand Random Identities. Random Identities is not only genderless but Pilati also does not let the fashion cycle depict when he drops his next collection, or when he does a fashion show but rather picks and chooses when he wants to. The Milanese designer was inspired by his move to Berlin, with the open-minded attitude to life and a natural approach to genderlessness, it encouraged him to start his own brand in 2017.

With distressed walls and antique furniture giving it a raw & derelict feel throughout the location. Whilst it might be located in North London, its courtyard is sure to transport you to Paris with its romantic feel and unique features. Described in Vogue as ‘an elegantly dilapidated house in North-East London’ We couldn’t agree more!


Models – Stefano Pilati, Kate Moss & MJ Harper

Photographer – Nikolai Von Bismarck

Stylist – Kate Phelan

Hair – Malcolm Edwards

Make-up – Lynsey Alexander

Location – The House at 1st Option Locations