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Top 5 location homes to shoot this winter!

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As quickly as summer came around this year, it was gone. However, following summers fleeting appearance in 2019 it has brought winter to our doorstep a lot quicker than we would have first thought. Although winter has its downsides with copious amounts of people longing for the sun to show its head again, what it does give us is striking contrasts and backdrops that make for wondrous shoot locations.

If you’re looking to shoot or film this winter then look no further, as we have some of the most eye-catching winter warmers from around the country that anyone could hope for.

Starting in London, we find ourselves immersed by the beautiful and aptly named Peckham. Situated an eight minute walk from Peckham Rye tube station, this Victorian townhouse is perfect for a winter shoot or equally a snuggle on the sofa by the fire, due to its powerful muted tones that flow throughout the house. The dark palette that surrounds the property, set against its mix of modern and mid-century interior, really evokes a wintery atmosphere that we can’t get enough of.

This Victorian townhouse has a beautiful contemporary spin

 Remaining in London we travel to E1, where we find Princelet, an incredibly striking property from the pre-war era. Pale interiors juxtaposing wood panelling and rustic furnishings really give this property a palpable wintery period feel. Furthermore, you’ll find a glorious courtyard garden that leads to an out-house with exposed brickwork that really arouses a frosty atmosphere. With an abundance of wooden interiors, you’ll be harking after Dickens and A Christmas Carol.

A Georgian townhouse with original features

Moving away from London we take a short trip to Oxfordshire and the awe inspiring property of Nuffield. Vast open spaces, with wooden beams framing the luxurious property throughout, match a luscious garden. The wealth of natural light from the large windows really compliments the property invoking a winter spice feeling that is hard to match. It is impossible to see how you wouldn’t want to shoot at Nuffield this winter. Couldn’t you just picture yourself by the fire with a mulled wine on a cold winters’ night? I know I could.

We are loving Nuffields wood panelling

Not enough open spaces for shooting outside you say? Well of course we’ve got you covered. Are 18 acres of grounds enough? Built in 1745, Cotswolds Mill in Warwickshire is an old stone Mill House that beautifully combines period features with modern furnishings, culminating to produce a truly dazzling property. And once the frost and snow fall on the grounds you might possibly have one of THE most perfect winter shoot locations.

Views for days

Last but by no means least we have the Rural Retreat in Gloucestershire. This remarkable property comprises a very large landscaped courtyard surrounded by three 18th Century Cotswold stone barns, each offering a completely different identity to the next, which honestly makes for a truly breath-taking shoot location. These unique barns perfectly blend modern living with a rustic character based around the original Cotswold stone and original beam paired against chic interior that wouldn’t be out of place in a Chalet in the Swiss Alps.

If only this location would transport us to the Alps

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our bookings team if any of these amazing properties tick your boxes.