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Trendiest Shoot Locations in East London – 5 of the Best | Location Agency Blog | 1st Option

Trendiest Shoot Locations in East London – 5 of the Best

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With the gentrification of nearly every corner of London, and despite many people saying that it has stomped out vast amounts of culture, it has opened the door for sways of people to move further out from the city centre. With East London the first place to get gentrified, by now it has gone full circle and managed to keep its pockets of culture while boasting some incredibly modern and lavish parts. Here at 1st Option we have collated a list of the trendiest properties that East London has to offer, all of which offer completely different identities to the next.

 First up we shall start with perhaps one of the most unique exteriors you’ll be able to find in the whole of London. Blackwood House, perfectly situated a short walk from Old Street, Angel and Dalston Kingsland, is bang on trend and effortlessly displays the East London aesthetic of modern-day London. I mean, could you see a property like this working anywhere else? This extraordinarily eye-catching property perfectly blends simple, modern and stylish interiors with top of the range technology and furniture. However, where this property really does shine is the remarkable exterior that is clad and decked completely in black stained wood. It also comes with an extremely private garden, with evergreen for all year-round shooting.

Black cladding and modern interiors

 Now take a look at Optical! I told you every property was completely different to the next, and this Victorian townhouse could hardly be any more different to Blackwood House if it tried. The Location offers a host of the period features that everyone is after at the moment. This is set against mid-century modernist lighting and furniture and works absolutely perfectly. Furthermore, with a range of pastel interiors and chic décor, this gorgeous house has a really unique and modernist feel to it that just can’t be beaten.

Modern interiors meets period features

 Moving south from Homerton, our third property is situated close to the heart of Canary Wharf. Spratts Factory is an incredibly large and versatile space that has been used in countless tv adverts and ad campaigns, all of which only add to the property’s exclusivity and appeal. This ever-popular location features large rooms, a ton of exposed brickwork, which is all the craze right now, crittal windows and a large open-plan kitchen with a moveable island.

Chic interiors of Spratts Factory

 Next up we have Dingley Place, an exceptionally modern shoot location that wouldn’t be out of place if it was uprooted and placed in Malibu. Stylishly decorated with a minimalist approach to the interior and furniture, Dingley Place features a glass wall that opens out to a gorgeous enclosed terrace and because of this, offers a wealth of natural light. Additionally, this striking property also includes a state-of-the-art bedroom and bathroom, paired with a spiral staircase that’ll be sure to get your head spinning.

Straight out of Malibu and placed in East London

If the definition of trendy is stylish and indescribably cool, then you can’t write a list of the trendiest shoot locations in East London without including Eltham Court. With nearly every corner of this mesmeric property offering something completely different to the next, you’d have to be crazy to not want to shoot here. While including many avant-garde features inside, paired with a luxurious garden to match, we personally don’t think we need to say too much more as the photos really speak for themselves. 

Mesmeric imagery potential at Eltham Court