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Top Tips – What we Look for When Taking on a New Property | Location Agency Blog | 1st Option

Top Tips – What we Look for When Taking on a New Property

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One question we often get asked is what separates a shoot location from a regular property, what exactly is it you look for when taking on new locations? Well, while there is no short answer to the question, there are numerous features and qualities that we do look at before deciding to add a location to our library. If you are thinking of registering your property but have been unsure what companies might be looking for, then read on as we share our insights and break it down for you. 

The first thing we look for, and this can’t be stated enough, is good quality imagery. If you’re looking to register your property with 1st Option, as far as possible try to make sure you are sending over well taken photos with good lighting to show off the space and features that make your potential location as special as it is. The better your pictures the more chance there is of us seeing what you see! It’s not a deal-breaker though, if you’re not able to take the best pictures in the world but we’re still able to see the potential, if we take your property on we’ll be happy to arrange for a professional photographer to come round and do the job for you.

The difference between a professional photograph and one from a phone
Angles are vital for showing off your property and all the space available

Room sizes are key, the larger the room, the more versatility it has, large rooms allow for a range of shots the photographer can take, better angles for the shots and the ability to easily get crew and kit in and out of the space.

6ixteen’s vast living room area making it perfect to shoot at

This brings us nicely to our next point, and that is, is the location versatile? What we mean here is, can the location be easily dressed for the needs of the shoot? Although a property may look perfect from a set of photos, when the crew show up it will really help if they are able to decorate or add to their set to better create what they are after. 

Same room but you wouldn’t know it

The next quality we look for, which caveats perfectly from the last point, is a little bit more abstract but is equally as vital as the space itself. We are a very forward facing company and only work with the very best clients, so flexible, open and friendly location owners are a massive plus! Relationships are key in this industry so we will always look to make sure that the owners seem amenable, helpful and accommodating. For example, do they allow decorating for a shoot or are they open to filming or furniture shoots? These are all little nuances that go a long way to creating solid relationships between us, the location owners and the clients themselves. 

Artistry and The Roost, two properties that allow decorating

Location, Location, Location! We are a location agency after all so location, we’re afraid to say, is everything. When we say great ‘location’ we don’t necessarily mean we won’t take any properties outside of London, however, if you are looking to register with us and you are based outside London, you must be bringing something unique, extraordinary or bang on trend to the table in order to encourage clients to travel that bit further. If you are based in London we will also consider good transport links and parking availability, as accessibility is crucial for many of our clients.

The Rock, based in Devon brings a ton of unique feature to the table

And last but by no means least, something that has already been touched on but deserves its own individual point, is the style or trend of the property. Many of our properties fit into specific styles or trends as there will always be a demand for certain aesthetics, whether it be Scandi, New England or shabby chic. If your property can offer a unique style or something that there will always be a demand for, then you stand a much greater chance of standing out amongst the crowd! 

The shabby chic and scandi aesthetics of Jubilee and Tavern and Jupiter