Why register your property as a shoot location with 1st Option?

We've been in the business for over twenty years and with the expertise we have gained in that time, we know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to choosing the right location houses for photoshoots and filming. As the location agent representing you, we actively market your property for location hire in London to our loyal customer base, which includes all the major publications, advertising and production companies, brands, photographers, agents and more.

You could potentially earn some extra income by registering your property with a location agency like us and your home could be used in anything from a magazine shoot to a TV commercial or a feature film.

As a potential location owner, naturally the monetary compensation is a huge incentive to hiring your home out for filming. There are, however, several things you should consider before going forward.

If you’re thinking of renting your house out for movies, tv or commercials and photoshoots, it’s important to think carefully about how comfortable you would be with having crews in your home, as this can sometimes be disruptive to your family life or schedule and isn’t for everybody.

Although most crews are extremely respectful and considerate, occasionally things may get broken. The client will always be insured against damage and if it occurs this will be put right following the shoot but if your home has a lot of fragile or sentimental items, then offering it as a shoot location may not be right for you.

Owning a shoot location also comes with some responsibilities, it’s essential that the pictures on our website accurately showcase your property, as that is what a client will be expecting on the day. It’s also important to ensure you property is always clean and ‘shoot-ready’ when the crew arrives. After consideration, if you think that owning a photoshoot location might be for you, then get in touch!

How to rent your house for filming and photoshoots

We’ll guide you through each step, liaising with you about optioning dates, negotiating fees and handling the paperwork for each booking. We’ve been doing this for a long time so you can rest assured that with 1st Option you’d be in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on fostering long term and loyal relationships with our homeowners, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. Please feel free to call us on 020 7284 2345 if you have further questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

You’re welcome to get in touch and email us a small selection of your images to register@1st-option.com.

To send more images, or if the image files are large, please send them via our dedicated WeTransfer link - https://1st-option.wetransfer.com.

London photoshoot locations for hire

Because that’s where most of our clients are based, photoshoot locations in London are naturally more popular than photoshoot locations around the UK, we do get all kinds of enquiries though so don’t let not being London based put you off enquiring!

What makes good houses for photoshoots?

We know what it takes to make good shoot location. Having many years’ experience in the industry means that we know what to look for. Not only from the viewpoint of a locations agency but also from the photographer, filmmaker and client’s perspective. This is why, when you send us through pictures of your property, we will be able to tell you whether it has the potential to work as a shoot location or not. At that point we can discuss further details about 1st Option representing your property as a locations agency.

Shoot Locations for hire London

It's sometimes difficult to know what makes a home a good location for filming as it is often down to the requirements of the client. Big rooms with lots of natural light, plenty of space for shooting, a large kitchen, also any unusual features or furniture are just some of the things that a client might be looking for.

Using your home as a photoshoot location can be a great way to generate some extra income and it’s always nice to see the finished article when the pictures are published in a magazine or used in an Ad Campaign.

If your home has unusual or quirky features and you’re wondering how to get your house used for filming, then you’ve come to the right place. Film & TV companies, household brands, as well as magazines and other businesses, are always looking for locations to shoot and film at. We’ll happily advise you on whether or not your property has the potential to work as a shoot location.

In order for us to assess your property’s potential, ideally we’d like to see a variety of areas on the pictures you send in. The quality’s not so important, as long as we can get a rough idea of the layout and decor it should be enough tell you if we think we can help.

Once we’ve received your images, we’ll be able to discuss representation in more detail. If you decide to go ahead, it’s important to bear in mind that all of the locations on our web site feature high quality, full-screen images in order to show the properties to their full potential. If you don’t have a great set of images already, we can arrange to send our friendly and professional interiors photographer round to take pictures.

It's important to bear in mind that you will be investing in the possibility of making extra money. The better the pictures, the more chance you will have of appealing to the people who are searching through our library looking for their perfect shoot location, and ultimately in securing the booking for your property rather than somebody else's.

What’s it like to see your photoshoot location in print?

To give you an idea of how your home could look in a magazine, these are some of our recent location photoshoot tearsheets -

  • Rosy - Fabulous Magazine Rosy - Fabulous Magazine
  • Retro House - Elle Magazine Retro House - Elle Magazine
  • Broadhurst Gardens - The Telegraph Magazine Broadhurst Gardens - The Telegraph Magazine
  • Petersham Common - Living Etc Petersham Common - Living Etc
  • Henderson Road - Never Fully Dressed Henderson Road - Never Fully Dressed
  • Jack's Windmill - 'What Makes a Murderer' Channel 4 Jack's Windmill - 'What Makes a Murderer' Channel 4
  • Lightbox - House & Garden Lightbox - House & Garden
  • Albion - OK Magazine Albion - OK Magazine
  • The Manor - Boohoo Man The Manor - Boohoo Man
  • Onyx - Weekend Magazine Onyx - Weekend Magazine
  • Optical - In The Style Optical - In The Style

Working with 1st Option as your location agent

What types of clients book locations for photoshoots through us?

Our clients include a range of different companies from newspapers & magazines, catalogues and PR companies to Ad agencies, retail brands, TV production companies and film companies. Each one of our clients has different requirements for a wide variety of projects, yet we always strive to find them the perfect location for their photoshoot.

What types of shoot locations do we offer?

At 1st Option, we look after the best photoshoot locations London has to offer. Whether a client is looking for a location house, an apartment or something more unusual, we probably have it. Not only that, we also have access to an extensive off-line library featuring even more properties as well as locations outside of London. Whatever the brief calls for, we’ll have something that will work.

How are we different from other shoot locations agencies?

Whether it’s our clients or our location owners, we always give the highest levels of service and we always go the extra mile. It’s literally our business to find the perfect locations for photoshoots or filming, adhering to briefs and budgets. We have full-screen images of all of our locations on our website which means clients can get a better idea of what’s on offer without having to necessarily visit the property before the shoot.

Searching for your property on our website

We have comprehensive search filters at the top of our location pages to help clients find their perfect shoot location and all of our properties are key worded, meaning that your location can always be found if a client is searching for the features you offer.