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Some more information on our studio locations

Studio hire through 1st Option

We offer a great selection of top photographic studios to hire. If you’re looking for a studio location for your shoot, then we can help you. Ranging from classic white spaces with painted white floors and infinity coves to exposed brick, wooden floors and old-style windows. Do you need to hire a studio in London? We cover all areas of London and a variety of price brackets to suit all budgets. Our studios are in high demand, so we are always looking for new spaces to expand our studio listings. Keep checking to see what’s new!

Why choose to hire a studio location?

Studios often have better access than residential properties so if you need to shoot large products or need large props, then perhaps a studio would be better suited to you. These days studios are also incorporating elements that you would typically find at a traditional, more residential location. These include textured walls, wallpapers, unusual furniture and even working kitchens and bathrooms.

What extra equipment do photo shoot studios offer?

Usually, a photographic studio will have a dedicated makeup and dressing area with lit mirrors, hanging rails, steamers and other equipment like reflector boards and backdrops to help make your day easier. With most studios, you can bring in your own equipment if you’d prefer.

Why is 1st Option different from other studio locations agencies?

At 1st Option we have an ever-increasing portfolio of studio locations in London available to hire and also throughout the UK. Our studios cover a mix of styles, sizes and prices so we are sure to find something to suit your brief and budget.

We always strive to give the highest levels of customer service here at 1st Option. We will go the extra mile to find you the right location and to ensure that you are happy as our client. Our agents have several years’ experience so they can find you the best studio location for your shoot that suits your requirements and also your budget. The images we use on our site also scale to ‘full-screen’ so that you can get a clear sense of the property without necessarily needing to visit pre shoot.

Our team of agents will be happy to help you with your enquiry so call us to find out more about studio locations.

Listing your London studio for hire at 1st Option

Although client’s shooting trends over the last decade or so have moved ever more towards hiring residential and commercial photo shoot locations for shoots, there is still a significant demand for the traditional type of London hire studio.

Some of the older, more established studios have long-since disappeared, mainly due to the onslaught of London property development, recently though a lot of smaller independent London photographic studios have become available, many of which have become instantly popular with our clients.

Traditionally, photographic hire studios have administered their own bookings through their own web sites and marketing and dealt with clients directly. Over the last few years however, more and more hire studios have recognised the benefits of being listed with a popular location agency and have seen a significant rise in bookings as a result.

1st Option work with most of the top photographic studios in London and regularly have a host of top clients asking us for studio recommendations. We’re happy to help generate bookings for studios as well as residential and commercial properties and have a wide and active client base who shoot regularly.

If you have a photographic hire studio and would like to be listed with 1st Option then either give us a call or visit our listing your property page for details on how to become part of our family.

London studio hire

Although the majority of UK hire studios are based in London there is a growing demand for hire studios in other parts of the UK too, so whether you have a London studio for hire or something further afield, we can probably get you more bookings!

Below are some examples of shoots we’ve booked recently through our London hire studios -

  • Studio East - Tearsheet Studio East - Tearsheet
  • Artspace - Tearsheet Artspace - Tearsheet
  • The Depot - Tearsheet The Depot - Tearsheet
  • Studio East - Tearsheet Studio East - Tearsheet

Studio location FAQ’s

  • How much do studios cost to hire

    The cost of your studio location hire will depend on your requirements. Editorial shoots can start from £300 for some of our studios but this will rise for our more high-end studios. Advertorials and advertising shoots are more expensive. Some studios also do lower rates for test shoots, so give us a call to find out which ones. As well as the shoot fee, we also have a standard booking fee, £95 or 5% of the overall shoot fee, whichever one is greater. Film shoots have a higher booking fee rate.

  • How long is a shoot day?

    A typical shoot day will be from 9am to 6pm and occasionally 8am to 5pm during the winter months to make better use of the limited daylight. It is often possible to request to arrive at your shoot location early or to shoot later into the evening. This will of course incur an additional overtime charge. Our standard overtime rates are usually charged at 20% of the day rate per hour, which increases after 9pm. Overtime and weekend shoots are at the discretion of the studio owner, both carry higher rates.

  • Can I set-build at a studio?

    Yes, most studio owners are happy to allow set building and sometimes even provide this service if it is needed. The studio will need to be returned to the former condition following the shoot. At the time of booking, all clients sign a form acknowledging responsibility for any damage that may be caused during their shoot and also agreeing to leave the studio in the same condition it was before arriving. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that this is adhered to.

  • Any studios for hire outside London?

    We have access to a selection of studios outside the M25 and some that are spread around the rest of the UK. Just because you can’t see what you’re ooking for on our website, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to help you find your perfect location hire studio outside the M25 or around the rest of the country. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to give you some options!