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Photo studio hire London

Photography studio hire London through 1st Option, London’s leading location agency


Don’t be intimidated by the thought of shooting, our photography studio spaces available for hire provide fantastic locations to bring your filming, photo shoot or brand experience to life. This is down to the amount of space, freedom to experiment with different lighting techniques, and even the opportunity to make impossible a reality with the use of green screens that studios offer our clients. We have studio spaces in a variety of price brackets to suit all budgets and studios in London of all shapes and sizes that comfortably cater for every shoot and brief. It’s worth taking into considering the size of the studio hire you want to hire in terms of floor space. Being able to move around and experiment with different shot types is key in achieving your desired result. You’ll also need to factor in providing extra space for your crew to set up and prepare for your photographic or filming shoot. 


Why a photographic studio makes a great location to hire for your upcoming shoot

Not all photography studios are vast, white spaces waiting to be filled. We have a huge diverse range of photography studios equipped that feature everything from infinity coves to exposed bricks, wooden floors and traditional period windows. We also understand the desire for residential locations, so we offer photo studios for hire that offer the best of both worlds including both textured walls, wallpapers and unusual furniture you’d typically find in our other filming locations but with the added benefit of having better access if you’re shooting large products or require large props for your filming and photography project then its definitely worth considering a studio to hire for a stress-free shoot. We also have photography studios in London available for music videos and product photography.


What sets 1st Option apart from other places that offer photo studio hire in London?

We know we might have mentioned it a few times, but providing really great customer service is just our thing. So we can guarantee if you chose to book one of our fantastic studio spaces you’ll be more than impressed. Our super friendly location agents have years of experience so can easily find you the exact studio to hire that you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re after a traditional shooting area or something a little more unusual, we have studios offering something for everyone.

1st Option also has the pleasure of working alongside some of the most prestigious photography studios and top clients within the industry, so we’re confident we can make both parties equally happy.


Do your photo shoot studios offer any extra equipment?

Most of our photographic studios available to hire will come fully equipped with a make up and dressing area with Hollywood style light up mirrors, hanging rails, steamers and lighting equipment such as reflector boards and backdrops to help your photo shoot run more smoothly.


List your photo studio for hire

Lots of our most popular photography studios for hire have found that since registering with us, they’ve seen a significant rise in bookings. So although the demand has shifted slightly from studio spaces to residential properties for filming and photography shoots, it’s definitely beneficial to be represented by a leading location agency like 1st Option.

Smaller, boutique central London photographic studios are still extremely popular; so if you’d like to have your studio space represented by 1st Option, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Studio hire in east London, central and around the UK

If you’re bored of the city and fancy going a little further afield, we have a selection of studio spaces dotted around the UK. So why not explore what the country has to offer whilst nailing your photography and filming brief? 

Below are some examples of shoots we’ve booked recently through our London hire studios -

  • Studio East - Tearsheet Studio East - Tearsheet
  • Artspace - Tearsheet Artspace - Tearsheet
  • The Depot - Tearsheet The Depot - Tearsheet
  • Studio East - Tearsheet Studio East - Tearsheet

Studio location FAQ’s

  • How much do studios cost to hire

    The cost of your studio location hire will depend on your requirements. Editorial shoots can start from £300 for some of our studios but this will rise for our more high-end studios. Advertorials and advertising shoots are more expensive. Some studios also do lower rates for test shoots, so give us a call to find out which ones. As well as the shoot fee, we also have a standard booking fee, £95 or 5% of the overall shoot fee, whichever one is greater. Film shoots have a higher booking fee rate.

  • How long is a shoot day?

    A typical shoot day will be from 9am to 6pm and occasionally 8am to 5pm during the winter months to make better use of the limited daylight. It is often possible to request to arrive at your shoot location early or to shoot later into the evening. This will of course incur an additional overtime charge. Our standard overtime rates are usually charged at 20% of the day rate per hour, which increases after 9pm. Overtime and weekend shoots are at the discretion of the studio owner, both carry higher rates.

  • Can I set-build at a studio?

    Yes, most studio owners are happy to allow set building and sometimes even provide this service if it is needed. The studio will need to be returned to the former condition following the shoot. At the time of booking, all clients sign a form acknowledging responsibility for any damage that may be caused during their shoot and also agreeing to leave the studio in the same condition it was before arriving. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that this is adhered to.

  • Any studios for hire outside London?

    We have access to a selection of studios outside the M25 and some that are spread around the rest of the UK. Just because you can’t see what you’re ooking for on our website, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to help you find your perfect location hire studio outside the M25 or around the rest of the country. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to give you some options!