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Photoshoot locations with abroad

When we say 1st Option, we like to think we mean it! Despite primarily being a London based locations agency, we like to give our clients the best possible experience and whatever their brief is, we’ll aim to fulfill it. Creating the perfect photoshoot location can actually be a lot trickier than you might first think, whether it be in London, Devon or abroad our sole intent is to provide you with the best photoshoot locations for your specific needs. When it comes to key features that set apart the best photoshoot locations from the rest, many features are transferable from London to the rest of the world. Plenty of natural light, spacious rooms with high ceilings and large kitchens are criteria that we often look for. However, one benefit of abroad shoot locations that you just can’t get in London for large parts of the year is the abundance of sunlight. Because of this all of our abroad locations are lucky enough to feature vast outdoor spaces that receive tons of natural light and swimming pools which naturally add that wow factor to your shooting needs. Of course, the best photoshoot locations, anywhere around the world, are in the eye of the beholder and by beholder, we’re referring to our lovely clients, who may have specific requirements for their photo shoot venue depending on their creative brief.

What types of Abroad Photoshoot locations do we have

We offer photoshoot locations of many forms, types, styles and sizes in the UK and this is no different when it comes to locations abroad. With locations ranging from seaside villas in spain, to hillside manor houses in Italy and to city apartments in Morocco, we probably have a property that will fit your brief. Whether you are after a mediterranean beach vibe or a luxury city apartment, we have you covered.

What sets us apart from other agencies

Although there may be a few other photo shoot location agencies in London, at 1st Option we always strive to be the agency that’ll deliver the most efficient and outstanding customer service within the industry. This is also true when it comes to our abroad locations for photoshoots, so why not get in touch today if you are in need of a location outside of the UK.

If you have an abroad property

Do you have a property abroad, would you like to see it in an ad campaign, film or fashion shoot? We offer properties from around the globe and are always looking to add to our library of locations. Get in touch via if you would like to put your abroad location on our books!