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Photoshoot locations with apartment

For many centuries, traditional houses were the only choice of property type that people could live in. This was the case throughout the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and by and large the post war eras. After World War 2, when mass blocks of flats were put up across London and the rest of the country, we saw cheap accommodation for all. However, It wasn't until the turn of the 21st Century that we started to see luxury apartments popping up everywhere. Inspired by the post war trend of building upwards, the last twenty years has seen tall, lavish and premium apartment blocks pop up all across London and England in general. However, unlike the post-war, practical and unattractive designs, the new skyrise buildings are luxurious and lifestyle led with some of the most unique architectural designs in the modern world.

While modern houses are constantly being built around the city and its suburbs, with a specific modern style to them, when you look at apartments the architectural style differs from building to building, making for unique and striking designs that don’t necessarily have a specific style that you can put your finger on. If you look along the River Thames, for example, you will see many new apartment projects being built constantly, only adding to the cultural and architectural diversity of London.

1st Option has its finger permanently on the pulse and so can offer some of the most sought after, eye catching and unique apartments London has to offer. Ranging from high rise buildings with views that spread across the whole of the city, to old converted warehouses, we have a photo shoot or filming apartment for every possible brief or requirement.