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Photoshoot locations with art

When you think of art you may think of a painting, something a bit more abstract or even some graffiti on a wall, however the question of what art is, is actually incredibly complicated and hard to answer with many arguing that art actually cannot be defined. However, others argue that art can be considered as the product of arranging elements in a specific format or way so that it appeals to our emotions or senses. As a creation of expression, however, art actually encompasses a whole host of human activities, including music, literature, film sculpture, graffiti and not just paintings. We take meaning from art in the branch of philosophy known as aesthetics.

If the definition of good art is based on aesthetics, art can be understood as an activity that has been produced by people for an aesthetic purpose, expressing an idea or an emotion of the artist. Furthermore, due to its wide definition, art is a key component of culture reflecting on many economic and social substructures. Depending on where the art is produced, it transmits ideas and values from that specific culture changing through space and time.

Still today, however, the very notion of art continues to cause controversy as it is open to so many interpretations. As stated above we can take it simply as any human activity or set of rules needed to develop an activity. However, this would generalise the concept beyond the most common understanding, as the fine arts but instead broadens to encompass a whole host of academic disciplines. The word also has many other colloquial uses too.

Nonetheless, everything that has been said so far on the concept of art has elements of truth behind it but can’t be defined as gospel as the definition of art is completely subjective, debatable and open to interpretation. Art historians and philosophers of art have long had classificatory disputes about art regarding whether particular cultural forms can and should be classified as art. There is no agreement among historians and artists, which is why we’re left with so many definitions of art. The concept itself has changed over centuries.

While there are many definitions of what encompasses art, one strict definition that can’t be disputed is paintings. And here at 1st Option we offer an incredible range of properties and locations that features all kinds of paintings. Whether that be a traditional piece of grandiose mid century art or something more abstract and modern, 1st Option have you covered. Check out Somerley, a Georgian stately home that features tons of classic fine art or perhaps Solene that has a whole host of modern abstract art.