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Photoshoot Locations with Art Deco

In the 20th Century, Art Deco was one of the most exciting, groundbreaking and influential design styles in the world and as so, still influences the world of design in the 21st century. As a design style, Art Deco is elegant, opulent, functional and modern and though it actually was first developed in the 1920’s it is still a very popular design style that can be perfect for any contemporary home. It’s easily adapted to add to any interior, Art Deco furnishings mix well with modern pieces and are abundantly found in antique markets, thrift shops and online. If you are looking to bring a touch of old school glamour and flair to your living space, then Art Deco style interiors may well be the way to go.

History of Art Deco Design

Art Deco first appeared in the 1920’s in France and its name hails from 1925 ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes’. Following this, the style became very popular and between 1925 and 1940 Art Deco started popping up all over the world. Art Deco encompassed all arts and crafts disciplines and could be found in fine art, fashion, jewelry, architecture and textiles as well interior design.

The inspiration for the movement was very apparent, advances in technology were at the forefront and this could be seen through the smooth lines and geometric shapes and patterns that characterise the aesthetic. Furthermore, the Art Deco movement also aligned itself around luxury that was accentuated by the use of jewels, silver and ivory. The style was elegant, glamorous and functional and because of this has stood the test of time.

Art Deco in its most basic form was always a purely decorative art with no philosophical basis behind its formation, this is why it took inspiration from so many places and styles, like for example Art Nouveau, Aztec and Egyptian.

Art Deco Interior Design

As touched on, Art Deco design motifs have a bold look that draw influence from vertical lines and angular details. There are many patterns or motifs that are synonymous with Art Deco including, sunburst, zigzags, chevrons and stepped patterns, all of which tend to be added to walls, mirrors or tables and chairs. From all coverings to textiles and upholstery, Art Deco designs can be added to any design to add that touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Art Deco’s overt design style lies with linear decorations and geometric patterns, however, it also utilises luxurious and exotic materials with decadent and polished finishes. Wood is often highly polished and varnished and given deluxe touches of brass or chrome. The whole idea of Art Deco design is to be bold, strong and opulent so you won't see floral or plaid patterns that hint at romance or softness.

1st Option and Art Deco Design

Art Deco may be a design style that came into prominence over one hundred years ago, however, it has always remained culturally and artistically relevant. Due to its ability to add to any space through the mere implementation of some furniture or wall art, Art Deco has remained a very popular design style that can be found all across the world. Here at 1st Option we can boast a lovely selection of Art Deco locations that are perfect for a whole host of shooting requirements. Whether you are after a more traditional all over Art Deco inspired finish or a location that benefits from a few touches here and there we have the property for any need!