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Photoshoot locations with bars

Alcohol and bars may be one of the most profitable industries in the world today, however that hasn't always been the case with the prohibition of alcohol in America in the 1920’s and the fallout after the collapse of the Roman empire. Nonetheless, bars have been a part of human civilization since as far back as 2,000BC and the time of the ancient Babylonians, with records indicating that watered down beer-like beverages were served in alehouses for a form of money. However, if we want to look at our traditional concept of bars, it was the ancient Greeks and Romans that we have to thank. Found all around cities and the countryside, they started serving alcoholic beverages to travelers looking for something to eat and drink. As time passed and their popularity increased, the taverns started popping up everywhere and to expand their business they started to include forms of entertainment for their guests. With the fall of the Roman Empire, however, we saw the taverns slowly drift out of the public arena and they became houses for travelers to eat and sleep for the night.

It wasn't really until the times of the Saxons that we saw bars or ‘public houses’ come back into the public arena. This was the start of the English pub, however, the bar took a slightly different route as New Englanders who began moving to the new world decided to take the idea of the pub and tweak it slightly, creating taverns that were for the higher classes rather than the general public.

Following this, taverns transformed into what we now know as hotels and saloons, and taverns of old saw a sharp decline in business. What we now know as bars then started to rise to the fore. Bars are now found all around the world, based on the American model with alcohol sold to the general public in a space with the option of sitting down, dancing and playing games. Today we have sports bars, private members bars and regular bars as well as the traditional english pub which isn't too dissimilar.

1st Option has a great range of bars to offer as shoot locations, including ‘home’ bars like Trinity or Villa, private members clubs like The Court or something a bit more traditional like Bobby. We also have a selection of traditional English pubs like Jubilee Tavern or The Roost, allowing you scope to find any type of bar for all of your shooting requirements.