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Photoshoot locations with bath

Although they may seem like a lesser-important feature for shoots, baths can make all the difference - they can be worked with in multiple ways for different creative briefs, even when you least expect so.

Free-standing baths

Stand Alone or freestanding baths do not require any additional support. They are not fitted to anything and can be placed pretty much at any point of desire by a designer, so long as there is access made to the water supply. This is of course unless it’s exclusively intended for decorative purposes.

Freestanding baths can sit flat on the floorwork or can be fitted with legs, which can come in an array of styles, including metal chrome and vintage-inspired serpentine. They can also be found in single and double-ended shapes.

Roll Top Baths, Slipper Baths and Boat Baths are all interesting types of freestanding styles that are incredibly popular at the moment.

A freestanding bath tub tends to be a statement design feature and truly flaunts the shape of the commodity, as opposed to being tucked away or part of something else.

Claw-foot tubs can give a distinctively antique feeling to any bathroom, whether it adopts a vintage interior or is a contemporary blend between new and old. The Roost features an incredible vintage free-standing bathtub in a quirky, unconventionally unique bathroom.

Alcove baths

Alcove baths are more common across household properties but are no less-effective than any other tub.

For a cosy effect, they can be found with contrasting tile exteriors, encarved comfort grooves and gentle spot lighting. Mostly found in more modest family homes, alcove baths are classic and provide purpose without compromising on style and clean design.

The typical alcove bath is placed between 3 walls, but the term is also commonly used to describe baths that are simply built in, regardless of how many walls are surrounding them.

Alcove baths definitely have more potential for that wholesome, mini spa feeling. Unlike freestanding baths, this type allows for surrounding storage spaces, whether it be for candles, bath products, towels or even a glass of your favourite.

Whirlpool baths

Whirlpool baths have a little something extra. They’re mainly chosen by those who like to relax and unwind after a long-hard day, offering water pressure spouts for hydrotherapy. Intended for relieving and treating pain, whirlpool baths offer you a more realistic spa-like experience that can’t be matched.

Whirlpool baths can offer an array of visual effects which can come in handy for different creative shoots, whether it be stills photography or filming.

Shower baths

Shower baths are another classic style of bath, combining shower and a tub for convenience and space-efficiency. Typically fitted with a transparent or frosted glass for protection, these simple but effective options are clean-cut, practical and can be styled in a multitude of ways with accessories, add-on fixtures and fittings and coloured tiles. One of our favourite shower baths can be found in Clemmie, a beautifully-tiled green bathroom.