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Photoshoot locations with boot room

Boot rooms are simply rooms, commonly found in family homes and traditional farmhouses, where personal belongings are stored. These belongings typically consist of jackets, coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, and, needn’t it be said, boots. All these items are those which are used outdoors and provide a maintainable space for messy, muddy, and wet items.

As you may expect, the boot room originated from farmhouses, so that farmers wouldn’t bring mud through the kitchen after being outdoors. The room is the connection between the indoors and the outdoors of a residence - its purpose allows for comfort, cleanliness and convenience, leaving the outside where it’s meant to be. Around the world, you will find these rooms also referred to as mud rooms, vestibules and airlocks.

Although, as mentioned, they are mostly found in traditional farmhouses, they’re appearing more and more in the modern home, especially as outdoor recreation, activity and gardening are becoming more popular (the COVID19 pandemic can be thanked for this).

In the modern home, you may find renovations and personalised spaces catered to each household’s needs. They tend to be small spaces but they are great to express creativity and to have fun with when decorating, organising and using. As the boot room may even be the first room you enter at the property, and the last room you’re in, to most it is important that this room has an impactful visual impression.

You’ll frequently find tiled floors in boot rooms as tiles are quick and easy to clean. You may find rugs in some boot rooms for style or to add some warmth (both visual and physical) - these tend to be in dark or earthy colours so that any dirt can be disguised during cleans.

Most of the boot rooms in our locations can be found in properties outside of London, including Alexandra, Belmont House, Faraway Farm and Moi. Back in London, however, Celeste and Honour Oak showcase great examples of boot rooms with thoughtful interiors and lots of storage.