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Photo Shoot, TV and Filming Locations that feature bright colours in London & UK

There’s a lot of fun to be had with colourful interiors and there’s no doubt that a splash of colour not only injects a little life into an interior space, but also makes for a fantastic backdrop for your photo shoot or filming location. We’re all about bringing a little fun to your space here at 1st Option, so naturally we have a great collection of locations that are decorated in bright colours. Guaranteed to add an element of youthfulness and playfulness to your shoot, we have locations that experiment with bursts of colour throughout to properties that do not hold back at all.

Using bright and bold colours within our interiors is not as simple as we might think. Sure they look great, and that bright yellow feature wall is sure to wake you up (or give you a migraine) first thing in the morning, but it actually goes a little bit deeper than that. Our brains are honestly, quite amazing. We pick up lots of tiny details per second, and most of which we aren’t even aware of. So it comes as no surprise that colour gives our brains plenty of information to process. Do you remember mood rings you’d have as a child? Of course you do. Well this a little bit like this, colours show our personalities. Smart people at the University of Westminster have found a link between colour preference and personality traits. So what does your colour choice say about you?

Red: Goal-orientated, determined

Orange: Energetic, happy

Blue: Analytical, cautious

Purple: Comforting, values dignity

Green: Caring and helpful

Yellow: Outgoing and persuasive


Colours also affect our moods, and according to colour psychology (yes, this really is a thing) colour is the most straightforward way to portray a certain mood within your home décor. If going for a calming feel, choose cool colours like soft purple, blue or green. If you’re after something a little more lively, warm shades are your new best friend. Orange, red and yellow are the best shades to achieve this desired mood.

So if you’re feeling particularly brave or want to bring your shoot to life, have a browse through our vibrant selection of colourful properties. Marvel at our neon North London Victorian conversion with its pink patterned floors, purple fireplace and green sofa’s, or explore around South East London’s home-nightclub complete with rainbow metallic walls.