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Photoshoot locations with cabin

Cabins are a fantastic feature that can be found in a range of different properties, from family homes, to bungalows, manor houses, to estates.

The role of the cabin in home gardens can be said to have evolved from the need and use for garden sheds, typically used for storage. A cabin, however, can have many different purposes and tend to be intentionally equipped with the structure, furnishing, decor and amenities that are necessary in order for people to spend time and occasionally stay or live in them. Their uses in regards to the former purposes can range from, but are not limited to, spare guest homes, rented spots, summer houses and / or event spaces.

Log cabins are said to be the originator of the modern cabin, the first of the sort being recognised in America during the 1600s. Unfortunately, these were built by western settlers, but the form would go on to inspire many other architects. The oldest known example is the Nothnagle Log House based in New Jersey. The largest log cabin in the world, Granot Loma, was built and named in 1923 and can be found in Michigan, at an impressive 26,000-square-foot.

A fun fact about log cabins is that they are actually energy efficient because the wood logs are capable of thermal mass.

Now, cabins can be found in a few different materials and components, most of which are renewable and/or reusable, proving the cabin a relatively environmentally-friendly addition to the modern home. Materials include wood, steel and solar panelling.

Cabins can elevate any shoot location; not only can they provide extra space for a green room, changing area or to store equipment overnight, but they can increase creative possibilities, whether that be a fresh spot for shooting a scene or utilising its position and structure to explore new angles.

Some incredible cabins can be found at Charcoal House, Driftwood, Marmora Road and Twilight.