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Photoshoot locations with chapel

Chapels are typically known as intimate places of worship. Places of worship that are not pinnacle churches can also fall under the term chapel. The word is known to be derived from the Latin word for ‘cloak’ because they were shrines in which the kings of France would preserve their cape.

In the Middle Ages, the multiplication of chapels occurred and stemmed out for two main uses: chantry (a place of worship that would be used for singing in huge groups) and domestic chapels which were intended for private devotions. These chapels would be found attached to houses, colleges or other institutions. Medieval hospitals also had chapels for their staff and residents - some hospitals later on still adopted this tradition.

Private chapels eventually became less common as there tended to be a church a stone's throw from the residence of most civilians. However, from the pressure of the reformative church on the consciences of Catholics, some of these followers created domestic chapels in later centuries, as opposed to worshipping in the Anglican parish churches.

Some examples of incredible historic chapels around the world include: St. Martin Guernsey, constructed of broken china and located in Guernsey, St. Gobban’s Chapel in Northern Ireland and the St. Johann Chapel in Italy.

Modern chapels can come in an array of different architectural structures, materials and sizes. Their interior features can often be advanced and can make use of the latest technologies and innovations to maximise its use, longevity and sustainability.

Photoshoot locations with a chapel are hard to come by, but we have an outstanding chapel to share at The Asylum, based in South East London. This property holds untold historic value and is a magnificent location for photographic and filming projects.