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Photoshoot Locations with Conservatory

What is a Conservatory

Conservatories were originally reserved for nobility and landowners as luxury greenhouses. In more recent times though they have come a long way with the development of technology. Conservatories essentially are extensions built on to the back of someone's house, usually made of glass or a similar material, however, there are a few qualifying features that must be implemented if it is to be a conservatory and therefore exempt from planning and building permissions from the council. They must be built at ground level, less than 30sq metres in size and be separated from the house by external walls, doors and windows.

In the 21st century, conservatories have become so energy efficient and comfortable that they aren’t necessarily used as luxury greenhouses or as an occasional room to house guests, but as true extensions of houses that people use on a daily basis.

History of the Conservatory

When the word conservatory was first coined, it was in fact used in a completely different way, to describe a non glazed building that housed food. It wasn't actually until the 17th century until we saw the word used in a way we are more used to, to describe glazed buildings. Even during this period conservatories were still stand alone buildings much like a greenhous and they were used to protect plants from harsh weather conditions. Once the term had been coined in the modern sense of the word, it was the nobility that tended to use them. It wasn't until Sir Joseph Paxton built the Crystal Palace over 19 acres, using 293,635 panes of glass, that we saw conservatories become commonplace with the general public. By the end of the Victorian era conservatories became very popular and were everywhere amongst people who could afford them, using them for events and tea parties rather than to house plants. This was the start of the modern use of a conservatory, since then, as technology has progressed, we have seen modern introductions, such as double glazing and self cleaning glass. As they have become more affordable and comfortable due to advances in heating technology, they have become a practical investment rather than a purchase of extravagance.

1st Option and Conservatory Photoshoot Locations

Today, conservatories come in all shapes, sizes and styles and are used to affordably add value to a living space. Rather than being used as an occasional sun room or greenhouse, they are now used for tons of purposes, including kids’ play rooms, offices or extensions of living space, all of which add real value to homes. At 1st Option we represent the very best Locations London and beyond has to offer and the trend certainly doesn't stop when it comes to extensions on our owner’s properties. If you are looking for a more traditional conservatory, that is more in line with a traditional greenhouse, we have you covered. If you are looking for something more modern featuring wall to wall glass panes we have you covered. And if you are looking for something more unique that perhaps uses more exposed brick, or perhaps one that is made up from more wood than glass, you guessed it, we have you covered! If you are looking for a conservatory for any of your shooting requirements, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!