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Cottages available to hire for photo shoots and filming in the UK

Browse through our selection of quaint cottages that provide perfect locations for any traditional, country, romantic and homely photo shoot or filming briefs. Often overflowing with character and original features, cottages certainly offers something a little more intimate than regular contemporary housing.

So, what is there to know about these very English homes? Sater Design Collection has compiled a list of some need-to-know cottage facts.

  • During the Middle Ages the cottage was the style of home that was used to house farmers and agricultural workers as well as their families. Originally, the homes were small and referred to as ‘huts’, which is quite as glamorous sounding as the cottage, is it?
  • The term cottage denoted the dwelling of a “cotter” or “peasant”
  • Later on, the cottage is described as a home with 4 rooms, two upstairs and two downstairs. However, this has changed dramatically over recent years with cottages today being much larger in size with many still featuring charming elements and features throughout.
  • In the US and Scandinavia a cottage is considered more of a holiday home, often located near water, beach or resort.

In this section you’ll find cottages located in some of the most beautiful rural locations England has to offer, including Devon, Somerset and Oxfordshire. All of our cottages feature exposed beams, original fireplaces, exposed brick walls and lush country gardens.

If you’d like any assistance picking your country cottage dream, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team.