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Locations with courtyards for photo shoots and filming in London & UK

Browse through our range of charming courtyards that are available to hire for photo shoots and filming. Each of our courtyards are versatile and unique to the property they accompany. From intimate, wisteria-filled courtyards to contemporary courtyards that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces and more formal and historic courtyards that feature within a number of our period properties. There’s a courtyard size, shape and style perfect for every photo shoot and filming project.

By definition, courtyards are private open spaces surrounded by walls or buildings, and have been used as a feature in residential architecture since the very beginning of constructed houses. Throughout history, courtyards have been multifunctional, being used for purposes including sleeping, working, playing, gardening, cooking and keeping animals. Today, however, the courtyard has been designed and built with many different variations around the world to suit climate, privacy, light, security and tranquillity for each individual home.

Some of the most sought-after courtyard spaces within modern interiors are the ones that function as outdoor living spaces. Examples of great courtyard design include:

  • Hiiragi’s House in Japan, where the central courtyard showcases a tree that’s been nurtured over generations by the family, and can be seen from every room.
  • London studio Amin Taha Architects have updated a 1950’s terraced house and added a courtyard garden lit by lightwells also allow light to travel down to the properties underground rooms.
  • In one of the most over-populated neighbourhoods in the USA, Los Angeles’ Korea town, Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects created a courtyard space within a multi-storey apartment block. The space includes a landscaped garden and integrated bench.

Courtyards can provide a great sense of community and gathering spaces within buildings, which is why they still remain so popular amongst homeowners and designers alike, and have become such a timeless staple within contemporary society. So, if you’d like help choosing the perfect courtyard space to fit your creative brief, get in touch with one of our team fore more information.

Get in contact with one of our lovely team members for further information.