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Photoshoot locations with cove

A cove typically refers to a concave arch or an arched moulding. Coves can be formed as rocks in nature or can be used to describe a formation at the junction of a wall with a ceiling. They’re often found in circular or oval shapes but can also be found in rectangular forms and other unconventional shapes.

Coves in nature are usually found at small sea bays or coastal inlets. They’re typically narrow in shape and, although they can adopt restricted entrances, they can hold a door to dark, beautiful and secluded sights. Some famous coves in the United Kingdom include: the Church Doors Cove, Anstey’s Cove and Jenny’s Cove. Coves are great places to go to relax where crowds are small and nature is preserved.

Coves in interior architecture are a fantastic visual and structural feature. Although they are sometimes necessary due to the physical form or location of a property, they can be beautiful to the eye, giving otherwise-plain spaces a little extra character. Coves in studios typically come in an arched curve or a sharp rectangular frame, as mentioned.

These gorgeous structural features are great to have for shoots and can be worked around for more creative outcomes and photographic angles.

At 1st Option, we have some amazing locations with coves, most of which are studio spaces, including Rida A & B, Rosy & Shoreditch Studios 1, 2 and 3.