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Photoshoot locations with decking

Decking is a word to describe, typically a timber terrace or platform. These platforms are usually found attached to buildings or houses. Architecturally, these flat surfaces are capable of supporting a fair amount of weight, essentially a floor and making them suitable for walking and working on. This formation of floorboards are found outdoors as opposed to inside of buildings or houses.

Wooden decking can be used as an alternative for stone-tiled patios and terraces and can be a beneficial addition to any family home in a number of ways. These include: being practical for those who spend time both indoors and outdoors, being visually appealing and being sturdy for a number of activities such as a children’s play areas or an outside dining space.

Deckings in the standard family home (in the Western world) began popularising in the early 1980s. The decks became an interior trend and people considered them a home extension of their living spaces, where disposable income was apparent

Treated timber, composite and hardwood decking are the most common types of materials on offer to the general market.

Decking isn’t just one platform - some styles of decking involve having steps, intricate bannisters and multiple tiers to add dynamics, making them more useful or visually pleasing. They can also be prepped and painted in any colour, allowing for a creative take or a regular decking makeover at the house.

At 1st Option, we have some great locations that showcase a range of fantastic decks.

Ambleside in Hatfield features a huge outdoor area, surrounded by nature and a renovated pond. Another section of decking can be found in the huge garden, equipped with an outdoor lounging space and a fantastic bar area.

For something more humble and cosy, take a look at Bloomsbury and Bromley House, both of which are situated in London.