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Photoshoot & Filming locations with distressed walls In London & UK

Distressed walls aren’t always a sign of neglect and decay- peeling and tired walls have actually become quite the sought-after feature within contemporary homes. Luckily, we have a whole host of properties that play around with distressed walls within their interior. From genuine weathered walls in old asylums to more stylish fabrications that provides some added texture to modern architecture.

Understandably, distressed walls create beautiful and unusual backdrops for stills and filming. But what is the most effective way to achieve the distressed look? Home guides have created a handy guide for any eager DIY’ers that feel like getting creative and distressing their own painted walls.

Firstly, you have to make sure you’ve prepared the area properly. Although this can seem a little laborious and time consuming, it makes the different between a stunning paintjob and a slightly lack-lustre one. Ensure you’ve tapped off moulding, trim, baseboards and edge of their ceiling using painter’s tape.

There are three key techniques that can be used after the preparation stage. First up we have antique distressing. To achieve this look, dip a large paintbrush halfway in the paint you have chosen to go over older paint already on the wall, often-lighter colours work best with this technique. Press out as much excess paint as possible on the edges of the tin and proceed to wipe the excess paint off on a towel until the paintbrush is nearly dry. Then, using a light touch in an up-and-down motion, brush paint over the walls and voila! The end result should be antique distressed walls.

Of course, distressed antique walls aren’t the only effect you achieve within your home. Distress your walls with the appearance of weathered wallpaper too. This look can be created on top of any neutral paint. Start by blending brown paint with a faux finish glaze according to the directions on the packaging. Using a lamb’s wool faux finish paint applicator press it onto the wall in random patterns. You can also use a toothbrush dipped in paint to add small sections of paint splatter by running your finger along the bristles to flick paint onto the wall.

Our last technique provided by home guide is to rag rolls your walls for a distressed effect. Start by dipping the cloth in a tinted faux finish glaze and wring it our once. Twist the cloth to create a long tube and proceed by rolling the cloth along the wall. Load the cloth with more glaze as required and turn in different directions and you roll it our to create a really authentic look. The great thing about rag rolling is that is allows you to create a subtle or bold look depending on how dark the tint you use is.

So there we have it, a complete guide on how to create your very own distressed walls using three different techniques. Have a browse through some of our gorgeous shoot locations for a wide variety of distressed walls in every room of the house.

If you’d like some assistance with picking the perfect wall, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members for some help.