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Photoshoot locations with games room

A games room is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘a room in a house or public building that is used for playing indoor games’. Indoor games can vary from indoor sports such as pool and ping pong, to computer games such as playstation and retro arcade games. The point of a games room is to alleviate some of life's stresses and to have fun with friends and family.

Here at 1st Option, we have a wide range of properties that feature a games room, with a whole host of different games and sports that can take place. For example, if you visit Amber, Ashington House, East Villa or Taylors, you’ll find a selection of pool tables within the respective games rooms. Table tennis is also popular within games room’s and locations, where you can find ping pong tables, are Villa, Sage, Nuffield and Capri. However, some locations do in fact have games rooms that feature a few different types of games - these include Berkhamsted, Crystal, Dulwich Mansion and Dragonfly which all feature a selection of table tennis, pool plus table football tables.

If you are looking for a specific style of games room or specific indoor game for a shoot, then make sure you get in touch with one of our booking agents as they will be able to help with any requests.