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Filming & Photoshoot Locations with garages in London and the UK

Browse through our selection of garages available to hire for your photo shoot and filming projects. We have a whole range of garages, from polished-modern spaces garages that have a more authentic and lived-in feel within our range of family homes.   

Lushome recently published an insightful guide on creative interior redesign ideas for garage interiors, claiming that redesign ideas really don’t have any limits. This extends to creating a really practical, functional and exciting ways to reinvent your unused garage into refreshing, personal and multifunctional living spaces. Garages have great potential to be transformed into gyms, home offices, garden houses, art studios, and workshops or craft rooms.

Other creative ideas include a ‘bachelor pad’ space, complete with sofa’s, pool tables, flat screen TV’s and a mini fridge to keep drinks and snacks cool. Or how about a cinema room? Simply add a projector, a handful of beanbags and cushions with an optional popcorn machine for extra points. If you’re a nifty DIY-er and love a challenge, why not consider transforming your unused garage space into a mini-home or studio flat. It can later be rented out in the booming instant-hotel market such as Air BnB or used to house visiting guests. Make sure to do your research on clever storage systems and be prepared to make bespoke fittings for your space to make it work, though.

So who knew garages held so much potential to be real versatile spaces tailored to the needs of your lifestyle?

If you’d like any assistance selecting your perfect garage space, do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly location experts who’d be happy to help.