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Photoshoot locations with gothic

Due to its aesthetically ornate and transcendent design style, the Gothic architectural design movement has become one of the world's most famous and recognisable styles. Despite having its roots in the Middle Ages, the Gothic style continues to captivate in the 21st century and can be found all around Europe on some of the most well known and influential buildings the world has ever seen.

What is Gothic Architecture

Originating in the Middle Ages, Gothic architecture is in fact a European style of architecture that incorporates intricate and delicate design while utilising the height of a building. Because of its intricate design elements that bring a transcendent element to the design, the Gothic approach is often used in churches, cathedrals and other religious buildings.

History of Gothic Architecture

During the Middle Ages, a new style and approach to architecture was beginning to emerge in Europe, specifically France, with many originally referring to it as Opus Francigenum or French Work. From this moment onwards up until the 16th century, Gothic architecture dominated the architectural scene with most of the Roman Catholic buildings that were built during this period being designed in this manner. Gothic style actually is a blend of Roman architecture mixed with a medieval aesthetic that is generally characterised by intricate, ornate detailing, stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings and large arches.

It was these Romanesque elements that Gothic architecture adopted, however, through adopting, the style became far more exaggerated with very big arches, that became the main element, increased vaulting and enlarged windows. In addition to these extravagant reinterpretations of Roman architecture, the Gothic style also abandoned the thick walls that were synonymous with the prior. This was because, to construct taller and more eloquent buildings, thinner walls were required and flying buttresses were installed for support. The stone structures then allowed the architects to create incredibly tall buildings that had delicate and intricate details that evoked ethereality reaching for heaven.

1st Option and Gothic Architecture

Gothic architecture is incredibly unique and standout and generally is found on grand old buildings around the uk. Because of this, finding a gothic building can be incredibly hard, adn finding one to shoot at can be even harder. Here at 1st Option we are incredibly lucky to have two Gothic buildings situated in London and Gloucestershire. Both offer different aspects of the style allowing you different shooting opportunities. One offers grand Gothic interiors while the other is a very large Gothic castle that features tons of gothic architectural elements as well as beautiful period interiors, featuring very high ceilings, white walls, large windows, stained glass and 50’s modern concrete fireplaces. So if your looking for a Gothic style shoot, we certainly have you covered!