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Photoshoot locations with gym

Just like most things, gyms come in all types, shapes, sizes and designs. In this section, you’ll find the best gyms 1st Option have to offer for all your photo shoot and filming needs. Whether you’re on the hunt for a weightlifting gym, a luxury studio style gym or even a youth club/boxing gym, we’ve got you covered on all fronts.

Surely there can’t be that many types of gym you may ask? Well there’s actually quite a few, so use this mini guide to help you determine which type of gym would be best for your shoot.

Weightlifting Gym

Weightlifting gyms are your standard, run of the mill gym’s that you would see day to day featuring dumbbells, weight lifting racks and potentially some studio space. They tend to be a bit more raw and are catered more towards your male muscle fitness campaigns. Machines for cycling, running and body muscle exercises can also usually be found in these styles of gyms.

Boxing Gyms

Boxing Gyms often feature some of the more raw and gritty aspects that you would find in a weightlifting gym, however, if anything they are even more gritty and actually feature more than you would find in a pure weightlifting gym. Boxing gyms offer weightlifting racks and a set of dumbbells generally, however as well as some studio space they also come with punch bags and a boxing ring or two, which can make for some awesome shots for a fitness campaign.


Studio gyms are your typical floor gyms that most likely won't come with any weights or weighted machines. They may come with some running or cycling machines, but the main focus of a studio gym is a large open space perhaps featuring mirrors for your yoga or spin class style shoot. One property that perfectly fits this style of gym would be Eltham Court.

Dance Studios

Dance studios are fairly similar to your standard studio gyms, however they tend to be a little bit more bare, due to the lack of weights or machines. They also tend to be a little bit larger and generally will feature varnished wooden flooring, dance lighting and potentially some vibrant wall murals. One gym that epitomises this would be our shoot location Rio .

Leisure Centres

Your leisure centre’s or school gyms essentially mix a little bit of all the above styles and merge it all under one roof, often featuring some weightlifting elements, swimming pools, studio space and from time to time a boxing ring.