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Much like in the US with Kleenex being referred to for all tissues, Jacuzzi is in fact the Hoover of the hot tub world and is a brand name rather than the actual item. While many people may think Jacuzzis, hot tubs and spas are the same as baths, there is one discernible difference and that is that baths are for washing while the formers are purely for relaxation and you should in fact wash before getting into one. When it comes to hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzis they all perform similar functions and refer to a large heated tub of water with built-in jets and a filtration system. In spite of common thought, they are all actually pre-filled with cold water and brought up to a temperature somewhere between 37 and 40 degrees at a later time using a built-in heater. Once the water is in and has been brought up to the desired temperature, the thermostat keeps the water at that temperature so that it is ready to use all year round. With most hot tubs or Jacuzzis, the water needs to be drained around every three months to keep the water fresh, however, there are built-in filtration systems and a combination of chemicals that keep it clean for the time period it is in there for.

The brand specific Jacuzzi is the original hydrotherapy jet and was invented by the Jacuzzi brothers in 1956. This was the first of its kind and actually birthed a new industry that had never been seen before. At the turn of the 20th century, five brothers emigrated from Italy to California and when a family member was suffering from arthritis, they decided to invent the world's first hydrotherapy pump to try and treat the condition. The first pump created was the J-300 and was a small handheld pump that was sold to schools and hospitals.

In the 1960’s one of the third generation family members Roy Jacuzzi took their innovative spirit and realised that there was a big market to sell their idea to with American’s having a large interest in fitness, health and leisure. He then created the first self contained integrated whirlpool bath in 1968 by incorporating body jets into the sides of the tub. This was the tub that single handedly created the industry.

As the stock in Jacuzzi started to rise and more people wanted them, larger units were designed to accommodate more people, which led to heating and filtration systems being incorporated to keep the water clean and warm. This was the first hot tub, launched in 1970. Unlike the original whirlpool bath, the hot tub could be used outside thanks to its heating system.

Since then Jacuzzis have become the world's most popular and recognised jetted whirlpool baths, hot tubs and spas, to the point where all other branded hot tubs and such have also become known as Jacuzzis, much like with Hoover. Here at 1st Option, we have a wide array of hot tubs and Jacuzzis ranging from Woodhaven in Surrey or Angmering in Sussex to Capri in Italy or The Rock in Devon.