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Photoshoot locations with jukebox

While many may refer to a jukebox as anything that plays music, a true jukebox is a machine that plays songs from any collection of music that is held within the actual machine making a playlist of sorts. Originally the music was stored on records but as technology progressed so did the way in which we store music. Following records came CDs and now it is stored on digital copies. You have home and coin operated jukeboxes, however, they both perform the same functions, through a selection process by pressing a combination of buttons and deciding which song you would like to hear you can choose a song, album or track to listen to. Despite the simple idea behind a jukebox, with a playlist of songs and albums in which you can pick one to play at a time, it is the look and sound of the jukebox that really captivates the imagination of the user.

Jukeboxes are a truly niche piece of furniture in any home and can be perfect for a quickie shoot. If you are looking for a specific shoot that features a jukebox you may be looking for hours anywhere else, however, we are lucky enough to represent an incredible shoot location that does in fact feature a unique and striking jukebox. Check out Richmond Road here.