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At its heart, Minimalistic interior design incorporates clean lines, reduced clutter, monochromatic colour tones and simplicity. The idea behind Minimalist design is ‘less is more’. It might be self-evident to think of an uncluttered space when you think of minimalism, however, the design style does take it a bit further. There is an elegance in Minimalist design, a simple serenity, but to achieve this look it is more deliberate and frankly, difficult, than just choosing a few items, placing them within your space amidst a white backdrop and running with it. Doing this can leave the area looking sparse, cold and uninviting. If you are thinking of designing a space with minimalism in mind, then make sure you keep to a few fundamentals.

Limit your colour palette

Minimalism doesn’t just embody your choice of furnishings, it applies to all aspects of your room, and this includes colour. The most common choice of colour tends to be white, however, the bottom line you must adhere to is a neutral colour palette. If you stick with a neutral base colour, you can then get creative by breaking the monotony of colour and adding a pastel accent here or a hue of colour there. Try texturing with some colour, but don’t overdo it, as this will ruin the whole effect of what you’re after.

Texture is key

One question we see being asked often is how to bring a grey or white space to life? Well your answer is simple, texture! Introducing texture to your space, while keeping to your neutral colour palette, gives you the variety you are after, while bringing the room to life. What you are looking to achieve is to give the room a vibrant edge, whilst maintaining the minimalist spirit.

Quality over quantity

If minimalism requires little decoration, ornamentation or any extravagant details, how else can you achieve an elegant look? Simply invest in quality materials, think marble, rich woods and porcelain. Don’t think you need to clad your whole space in marble, however a carefully placed partition or countertop can act as a gorgeous yet subtle focal point.

Decorate wisely

When decorating your space, it’s easy to get lost in the idea of not overdoing it and ending up leaving the space too bare. There are some great additions to any room that keep the space feeling fresh, without cluttering. Greenery is a perfect option, house plants in differing sized pots and heights can really add a touch of character, while creating the concept of space. Similarly, one standout painting, that grabs people’s attention, is far better than filling the room with lots of small ones. Minimalist art would go with the flow and abstract art would introduce a bit of color.

Achieve balance

Find a bold focal point in your space, this can be a piece of furniture, some art or even a centrepiece, like an iconic vase or central table. If you have a neutral space, try and grab people’s attention through a vibrant painting that draws your eyes. If you have texture with colour, perhaps try to achieve balance through an alluring centre table.

Let the light in

Natural light will compliment your neutral colour palettes, making your space feel comfortable and specious. Furthermore, it brings out the true colours of your walls, floors and furniture, retaining the true essence of minimalism.