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Photoshoot locations with new england

New England interior design is a style that has been around for quite some time, it is very unique and has many design traits that make it easy to adopt and very easy to spot. Closely related and inspired by the colonial design style that dates back to the 17th Century when settlers first made America their home, the colonial design style was largely based on what was popular in England at the time and as such the New England design style was birthed and aptly named.

There are a few hallmarks of a New England design space and are very easy to implement in any space. Fresh coastal inspired colours with nautical influences are a must but there are other ways in which you can achieve the desired look. Keep the place uncluttered, much like it would have been in that period, add rustic touches to your coastal colour scheme and add some elements that wouldn’t be out of place in New England.

While the design trend may seem to suggest that it is exclusively found in New England, the style obviously can be replicated anywhere. From grand mansions in which esteemed American families like the Kennedys and Vanderbilts conduct their business to rustic beach houses decked with nautical hues of blue and white, the overarching hallmark of a New England style property is comfort and simple with chic sustainability.

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