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Opulent locations available to hire for photo shoots, TV and filming in London

Browse through our selection of opulent and downright draw-dropping properties available for you to hire for photo shoots, TV, filming or just to stand around gawping at (we wont blame you.)

Our love of opulent décor has an extensive history, arguably brought into full fruition in the Victoria era, known for its influence in reviving eclectic historic styles and interior design. By definition, opulence means a sense of luxury, ostentatiously costly with expensive details, and there are lots of ways homeowners can play around with their take on opulent interiors. But what are the key features to look out for when creating an opulent space?

Luxury furniture is a great place to start. Traditional styles of furniture present lots of opportunity for luxury, depending on what patterned, damask or hued upholstery, lines and detailed ornamented wood are chosen. Gilding is an effective way to achieve an opulent décor, often intricate and gold plated, giving any room an air of grandiose and luxury. Wall embellishments and panelling are other features of opulent style and can often found within period properties and manor houses. Extravagant chandeliers are another must-have feature to have within a grand interior. Often multi-tired, crystallised, gilded and intricately detailed, chandeliers are a go-to opulent centrepiece for any room that make stunning features within any photo shoot.

Of course, not all opulent interiors are historic; we have a whole host of modern luxury locations that attain a lavish aesthetic through sleek and expensive- looking styling. Often achieved through large, expansive spaces filled with metallic, mirrored walls, rich hues or highly polished surfaces. Table tops are often complemented by matching gilded table wear and glasses and contemporary light fittings can give the exact same wow factor to their more extravagant chandelier counterparts.

In this section you’ll find properties that boast an opulent décor in their own unique ways. From historic stately homes with original antique furniture and features, to huge state of the art luxury mansions with impressive marble hallways and manicured gardens complete with pools.

If you’d like some assistance navigating your way round our opulent shoot locations, (it’s easy to get a little lost in some of them) then give one our experts a call who’d be happy to help.