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Shoot Locations available with parquet flooring for photoshoots & Filming

Just in case you aren’t familiar with this particular style of flooring, by definition parquet is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces often used for decorative effect in flooring. The most common form of parquet pattern is herringbone, but our selection of properties includes parquet flooring that features geometrical, angular, squares, triangles, curves and lozenges patterns too. So have a browse through our collection and marvel over some of the most exquisite flooring in the industry, available to hire for photo shoots and filming.

A small handy guide for everything you need to know about Parquet Flooring

  • Parquet flooring got its name from French origin and it dates back to the late 1600’s when “parquet de menuiserie” tiles were used to replace marble flooring at Versailles and the Grand Trianon.
  • Parquet flooring can be made from both solid and engineered wood, but in the past it had to be made from 100% solid wood. It’s also not a task for the novice DIY-er, so if you’re thinking of introducing it into your home, it’s best to call in a professional.
  • Parquet flooring is different than ordinary wood flooring where wooden planks that are normally wider than 10cm and longer than 1m are used. But in parquet flooring smaller pieces of wood are arranged for a more decorative effect.

We have a selection of properties available to hire that feature parquet flooring in a whole range of rooms, including contemporary kitchens, open and welcoming living rooms, luxury bathrooms and grand period hallways. With each unique style of parquet providing a sense of style and character in each property.

So if you’d like your upcoming photo shoot location to feature parquet flooring, get in touch with one of our team members for more information.