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Photoshoot Locations with Scandi

When it comes to interior design trends, many styles and aesthetics seem to stop being trendy as quickly as they start. However, certain trends and styles have staying power and eventually become staples that never go out of fashion. One such trend is the Scandinavian, or Scandi style as it's often referred to. Scandi interior design has been at the forefront of design for way over ten years now, and this is due to our human tendencies and desires to live in a comfortable and inviting setting while keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Scandi interior design takes its lead from the traditional Nordic design that utilises minimalistic style while blending modern decor with an apparent blend of textures and soft hues that make sleek and inviting environments. Furthermore, It also emphasises the use of utility, clean lines and simple furnishings that are made to be functional, cosy and beautiful.

1st Option has a large and diverse range of Scandi style properties ranging from your more traditional and typical styles to a more unique and modern take on the style. Whatever your brief or idea, 1st Option has you covered with some of the most striking and sought after Scandi properties in London and beyond. Browse the full spectrum here, if you are after any type of Scandi aesthetic we will certainly have it here.