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Stately homes available to hire for Photo Shoot, TV and Filming

If you’d like to make an impact with your shoot location, look no further than our selection of stately homes. Most often seen in popular culture as the setting of a period drama, it appears we simply can’t get enough of majestic and historic locations. We have some seriously impressive and exquisite properties available to hire here at 1st Option. From a gothic castle, a Victorian mansion with its own lake or a grand tapestry filled estate set in the heart of Lincolnshire.

A brief history of the English Stately home

  • Did you know that the English stately home that we know today actually developed from medieval fortified castles? After the Elizabethan period the purpose of the castles shifted from defence to comfort. Naturally, these houses became spaces to impress and host important guests, with aristocrats constantly competing with one another to have the most opulent and extravagantly decorated homes.
  • In the 19th century, English landowners often went on tours of Italy and Greece that had a major impact on the architectural styles that was seen in stately homes during this period. Columns, ancient sculptures and vases became a staple within homes and their gardens.
  • Unfortunately, the First World War sparked the beginning of the decline of the English stately home. Large estates became hospitals or convalescent homes for injured soldiers. Inheritance tax also meant landowners could no longer afford to upkeep their estates with many being auctioned off and destroyed.
  • Lots of people, however, gave their properties to the National Trust allowing them to become tourist attractions so regular folk like us can poke around and imagine what it might have been like to live in a 20 bedroom estate complete with servant quarters. Other stately homes have been transformed into luxury houses or are now occupied by celebrities.

The English stately home has had quite the ride, hasn’t it? Not only do they have a history just as impressive as the properties themselves, they make beautiful locations for photo shoots and filming. Filled to the brim with original features and antique props they offer an elegant backdrop for any creative brief. For more information on our collection of stately homes, get in contact with one of our team.