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Swimming pools for photo shoots and filming locations in London and the UK

Just like most things, swimming pools come in all types, shapes, sizes and designs. In this section, you’ll find the best pools 1st Option has to offer for all your photo shoot and filming needs. Whether you’re on the hunt for an indoor spa pool, luxury infinity pool or even an Olympic sized swimming pool, we’ve got lots for you to take a deep dive into.

But what are the different types of pools you may ask? Well there’s actually quite a few. Use this mini guide to help you determine which type of pool would be best for your shoot.

  • First up we have the above-ground pool, which as you can imagine, is a portable, cost effective pool that isn’t an in-ground model.
  • You can guarantee an architectural pool will always look like you’ve just torn it out of the pages of the glossy travel magazine you found at the dentist. Often geometric, sophisticated and built in the same materials as the house for a cohesive look. Great structure and definite lines are also a given.
  • The family pool. Not quite as sleek and sexy as the architectural pool, but they sure are fun. Made for recreational purposes, these pools often come with water-features, water slides, tunnels and boulders. Crying children no doubt included.
  • An indoor pool is a great option if you happen to live in rainy England. It can be used all year round and there’s none of that fishing-pesky-leaves-out-of-the-water business. These types of pools are always under a roof and insulated by at least three walls.
  • The infinity pool. Most commonly found on the Instagram accounts of fashion and lifestyle bloggers, infinity pools are a favourite amongst luxury hotels, resorts and opulent houses. Infinity pools are custom made with vanishing edges that highlight an insta-worthy view. Plus, they look great in every filter.
  • Ah nostalgia. You can’t avoid flashbacks of a rare British heat wave without thinking about inflatable kiddie pools. Can be placed literally anywhere for minimum price and maximum fun. Will almost 100% burst after one hour...
  • Is fitness your thing? Then you need a lap pool in your life. Lap pools are long and narrow, and more than 50 feet in length. Perfect for getting that morning cardio in and looking pretty trendy, but sadly not much else.
  • Olympic swimming pools aren’t something you can usually expect to find in your next-door neighbours garden. Most commonly used for Olympic sports, these pools are huge and make a great host for swimming competitions. And guess what? We have one available for hire.
  • They might look like an inviting pool you’d find at your local spa, but don’t be fooled. Not one for the faint of heart, plunge pools are in fact small, cold-water pools that are thousands of years old. Athletes and swimmers can’t get enough of them, believing they have therapeutic (we argue more traumatic) benefits, but you decide.
  • Lastly, we have natural swimming pools (or swimming ponds for us Europeans.) Don’t be put off by the thought of swimming in murky pond water, they make a beautiful addition to any outside space combining self-cleaning pools and water gardens. Often featuring wildlife, boulders and waterfalls. Bliss.

Have a poke around our fantastic range of pools available to hire through 1st Option, they’re guaranteed to have you swimming in happy tears.