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Warehouse Locations in London for photoshoots and filming

Does anything scream effortlessly cool quite like a converted warehouse space? We think not. In this section you’ll find a whole collection of industrial spaces that range from 800-3,500 sq ft, providing an abundance of open space to host your shoot in.

London offers a fantastic selection of industrial spaces due to the city’s vibrant past. Historic granaries, warehouses and former textile factories dominate much of the capital’s architecture, boasting original metal-framed windows, exposed brickwork and bulky wooden ceiling beams.

Warehouse chic” first entered the scene back in 2015 and is sticking around for the upcoming year. With concrete, exposed brick and dark kitchens amongst the top interior trends for 2019, it’s no wonder people can’t get enough of these stylish and cavernous spaces for everything from weddings, parties, residential and of course, shoot locations.

In order to achieve a warehouse aesthetic you’ll need lots of exposed and uncovered elements to your space. Features that would normally be concealed such as brickwork, ceilings, ducts and piping should be left uncovered for an eye-catching and raw appearance. Wood and metal are fundamental materials in warehouse interior, with both elements often combined together for an industrial statement. We’re thinking a wooden table paired with metal chairs in a room with unmasked air vents and original concrete flooring. Traditional warehouse décor is often complemented by rusted caged or hooded light fittings, mental wall pieces and shelving made out of the rooms exposed pipes.

What can be expected from one of our warehouse locations? We’ve got everything from urban renovated warehouses, office spaces, to contemporary empty studios and more playful locations filled with antique props. We’d be happy to lend a helping hand if you’re struggling to decide over our impressive collection, so feel free to reach out and speak to one of our experts for more information.