Location bookings

Conditions of booking

Cancellations - Confirmed bookings, which are cancelled more than 48 hours prior to commencement of shoot, will be charged at 25% of total fee. Cancellation of confirmed bookings 48 hours prior to shoot charged at 50% of total fee. Cancellation of confirmed bookings 24 hours prior to shoot charged at 100% of total fee.

Booking Details - If the full details of the shoot are not revealed prior to the shoot date and documented on the booking form, the owner or agency has the right to suspend the shoot until the agreement can be re-negotiated. For clarification purposes, unless agreed in writing prior to commencement of the shoot, a booking will consist of one photographer and one crew per location booking day. For most locations, 'behind-the-scenes' filming will incur an extra fee and must also be agreed in advance.

Working hours/Overtime - The normal working day is 9am-6pm unless otherwise stated. Overtime is charged at 20% of fee per hour for the first two hours and at a rate to be agreed thereafter. Location overtime and weekend shooting is solely at the discretion of the owner.

Payment Terms - By signing our booking form you agree to adhere to our credit terms as stated on our invoice.

House rules - The house rules sheet, which is sent with the booking form, details the specific rules relating to the location you have booked and is to be distributed and read by all of your crew. It should be strictly adhered to as by signing the form you agree to be liable financially for any claim arising from damage or misuse during your shoot.

Usage - Any shots taken at the location on the shoot day are authorised for use solely for the stated job and may not be re-used or sold on for further usage without prior or subsequent agreement with 1st Option.

Additional charges

Drop offs/Pick Ups - Drop-offs and pick-ups are only possible before or after the shoot day(s) by written prior agreement. A storage cost may be added to your invoice for this facility. Any equipment or valuables left at a location are done so entirely at the clients/photographer's own risk and 1st Option or the location owner are not liable for any loss or damage.

Lunches - Lunch orders booked though 1st Option or the location owner must be made at least 24 hours prior to commencement of the shoot to ensure availability.

Electricity - HMI's can only be used at certain locations - please contact 1st Option if this facility is required. A cost of £10 per HMI per day will be added to your invoice unless otherwise stated on the house rules and information sheet.

Booking Fee - A location booking fee of £95 will be added to every invoice for photoshoot shoots. For filming, the booking fee will be £250 or 5% of the agreed location fee, whichever is greater.

Public/Employer's Liability & Damages - The person signing our booking form, client, photographer or commissioner, must ensure that they or their company have Public Liability Insurance to a minimum value of £10,000,000 and in the case of a company that they are authorised to sign the agreement. A copy of the insurance document must be made available to view upon request. Any damages or loss to any part of a location or its property are the responsibility of the client, photographer or commissioner on the day and signing our form represents full acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the terms contained within it. Please be aware that you will be invoiced for the full cost of repairs or replacement of property as a result of damage caused during your shoot. In the event of a dispute arising from loss or damage to a location or its contents, you will be obliged to attend a meeting at the location with the owner and a representative from 1st Option within 5 working days of the end of the shoot in order to resolve the issue. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in you accepting full responsibility for the cost of any damages being claimed. By signing our booking form you accept and agree to these terms and further accept that either 1st Option, the location owner or any other agency jointly responsible for the management of the location have the right to independently pursue a claim arising from any of the reasons stated above.

Image library

Before ordering, downloading or using any images from our Image Library, please read the following terms and conditions carefully as material from this website and the Licensed Material offered may not be used without acceptance of these standard terms and conditions.

  1. 1 Opening of transferred files by web transfer or CD as well as the downloading of images or material are deemed to be acceptance of our terms and conditions.
  2. 2 This website and the Image Library contained within are owned and operated by 1st Option Representation Ltd (The Licensor). All of the content featured or displayed on this website is owned by 1st Option Representation Ltd. and its content providers.
  3. 3 Licensed Material is protected under copyright law and always remains the property of 1st Option Representation Ltd. Licenses will be made available solely for the agreed usage rights as stated in the contract or on the invoice.
  4. 4 Licensing of material is on a 'non-exclusive' basis and will only commence through acceptance of these terms and conditions and following payment in full of the licence fee invoiced. The start date of the licensing period will be from the date stated on the issued invoice.
  5. 5 Any Licences granted may be terminated with immediate effect if the purchaser (The Licensee) breaches any of the provisions stated or files for the commencement of insolvency proceedings. In such a case, the Licensee shall discontinue use of the Licensed Material immediately, return originals and copies of images or delete or destroy all electronic copies.
  6. 6 These terms and conditions apply to both the User and any third party (employer etc...) in whose name or by order of whom the User is acting. These terms and conditions shall continue to apply to all parties after such contractual relationship (employment relationship etc.) ends. In that case, however, an agent (employee etc.) shall not be entitled to continue using the Licensed Material at a different place of work.
  7. 7 When ordering Licensed Material the Licensee is responsible for listing details of intended usage accurately and honestly, the information upon which the Licensing fees and rights will be determined. If the information provided does not correspond with the actual usage then consent for use may be withdrawn with immediate effect. The Licensee agrees to indemnify 1st Option Representation Ltd. against loss of fees and any claims made by third parties for damages arising from inaccurate information provided.
  8. 8 Any rights granted apply solely for one-time usage for the agreed duration and medium. Repeat use or use for any means other than that agreed will be subject to further payment and is only permitted solely with prior written consent. The Licensee is obliged to promptly notify The Licensor of any expanded use of the Licensed Material for which Licensee has not received Licensor's prior approval and agrees to pay to Licensor any additional license fee required by Licensor for such expanded use. Usage of the Licensed Material beyond the agreed time period will constitute acceptance of a 'repeat fee' by the Licensee at a rate not less than the original Licence Fee and will be payable with immediate effect upon receipt of a 'repeat' invoice issued by The Licensor. The time period for the 'repeat usage' will be deemed to be the same as that stated in the original agreement. The use of the Licensed Material for advertising is only permitted if such use has been expressly granted in the licence.
  9. 9 The Licensor grants no rights and makes no warranties with regard to the use of names, trademarks, registered, unregistered or copyrighted designs or works of art or architecture depicted in any Licensed Material and Licensee is solely responsible for obtaining the necessary rights or consents regarding any of the above should they be required for reproduction.
  10. 10 The Licensee agrees to credit 1st Option on all printed material and to provide a link to the 1st Option web site on any Licensed Material used for on-line purposes.
  11. 11 All Licensed Material will be provided in jpeg format and in RGB unless otherwise agreed. 1st Option Representation Ltd. accept no responsibility for the incompatibility of the Licensee's computer or technical equipment.
  12. 12 An administration charge of £15 will be added to each Licensing transaction invoice to cover the cost of preparing and transferring the requested image(s).
  13. 13 The Licensor may, at it's discretion, grant 'rights free' usage of it's material for inclusion on social media forums such as blogs, facebook, etc. Where this permission is granted, it is on the understanding and undertaking that The Licensee agrees to credit 1st Option as the source of the material and include a link to the 1st Option web site. The Licensee further agrees to remove the material with immediate effect at any subsequent point if requested to do so by The Licensor. Any Licensee granted permission to use The Licensor's material for such purposes agrees only to do so in a manner that will not in any way harm the standing or reputation of 1st Option Representation Ltd., it's suppliers or it's associates.
  14. 14 The Licensee undertakes to indemnify 1st Option Representation Ltd. against all outstanding amounts, claims, costs and expenses arising from the Licensee's failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

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Data policy

What data do we store? - We store data in two forms, contact information for our clients and location owners and email addresses of people who have opted-in to receive our newsletters.

Where is it stored? - On our secure in-house server, in Microsoft’s cloud-based Outlook application, in Pipedrive’s cloud-based CRM application and Mailchimp data centers

What is it used for? - Day to day essential operation of our company business and regular newsletter mailouts.

Is it shared with anybody? - Only in relation to optioned and confirmed location bookings where contact information is necessary to facilitate the successful implementation of a booking and only with parties directly involved in that booking. We don’t share information with any other third parties, for any reason.

Can my information be deleted? - Of course, if you no longer wish to do business with us we’ll be happy to securely delete your information. Please contact us and let us know that you wish to have your details removed.

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