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From disused to used

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When you think of London architecture, disused and run-down factories certainly come to mind but have you ever realised how many of these old buildings have now been transformed into awesome shoot locations? Whether it be for a James Bond film sequel or a moody photoshoot, previously run-down warehouses and factories can make the perfect locations. From Henry VIII Boathouse to the (former) Buckle Factory, here at 1st Option we have you covered with a fully furnished breakdown of the top shoot locations that despite their previous disused aesthetic have been transformed into some very special locations for hire. 

Located in Deptford, a short walk from New Cross Station, Henry VIII Boathouse will certainly float your boat. This grand old house situated on the banks of the River Thames is brimming with character and because of its stripped-back interior and distressed walls and décor, all the while paired with panoramic views of the river and Canary Wharf, this location certainly ticks our boxes. 

Henry VIII Boathouse with views over the River to Canary Wharf

If the Boathouse isn’t to your taste (though it’s hard to see how it couldn’t be) The House in Stoke Newington, with its faded aesthetic and unusual courtyard garden should definitely fit the bill. Defined by quirky antique furniture set against stripped-back wood paneling,distressed walls and exposed brickwork, this unique shoot location beautifully combines rundown with period chic and is available for hire for photoshoots and small or large filming.   

Faded aesthetic and unusual courtyard garden at The House

From Stoke Newington we travel south of the River again to The Asylum, an altogether different entity. This remarkably raw location with primal appeal has some amazing features and is perfect for photoshootsand filming.This old chapel space offers stained glass windows and bare brickwork as well as concrete flooring and large open spaces. If this distressed urban space is in keeping with what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to give 1st Option a call.

Stained glass windows and bare brickwork are a standout feature of The Asylum

If a house or chapel isn’t quite industrial enough, don’t worry we’ve still got you covered with four warehouses that have been converted into awesomely offbeat shoot locations. 

First up just take a look at Dalston Heights, it’ll be sure to get your head spinning with its quirky furniture and props. 

Quirky props & features at former warehouse Dalston Heights

Staying in Dalston check out Studio East one of our most popular properties. This astonishing, former car workshop conversion is both large and versatile with a multitude of features that make it a perfect film and photo shootlocation. This exclusive location brilliantly displays uncovered brickwork, concrete floors, crittal windows and a whole host of unusual and unique props as well as inside and outside shoot space to match. If we’re driving you crazy for this completely unique location then get in touch now. 

Former car workshop conversion Studio East is both large and versatile

If, however you’re looking for a warehouse setting that’s spread over several floors, oozing with contrasting atmospheres, then Friendly Place and The Depot should make for the perfect location. Both offer unconventional furnishings and props and are perfect for unique imagery. Take a look at some of the shots of them both here. 

Unconventional furnishings and props at Friendly Place
The original ‘Dragon’s Den’ filming location, The Depot

We haven’t shown you enough locations yet you say? Well that’s good because we have two rather enchanting period pubs that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with, The Roost and Jubilee Tavern. Both of these incredible period locations offer such a myriad of features that a shoot at either location will be sure to drive anyone drunk with envy. 

As with King George predeceasing Queen Victoria, we will start with the Georgian property, Jubilee Tavern. Hailing from the East End, this Georgian pub delightfully fuses shabby and chic for your viewing pleasure. The interior boasts leather seating throughout, a large wooden bar and leaded windows to match. In keeping with the period, this one of a kind pub offers Dickensian décor of original plastering and prints. If all of this wasn’t enough, the owner is an artist and has filled the property with rare and one of kind objects and stylings. 

This Georgian pub delightfully fuses shabby and chic

We move from the 1700’s to the 1800’s and from Whitechapel to Hackney where we stumble across (not literally, it’s hard to miss) The Roost, a truly eye catching Victorian public house conversion with original period features galore. A kitchen that’s carved out of the original pub bar, Victorian cut glass mirrors, original plaster mouldings and a free-standing Victorian bath and fireplace are all standout features, however, antique flooring and white marble also adorn this striking property. As if all of this wasn’t enough to get your artistic feels tingling there is a beautiful stoned garden that juxtaposes the quirky interior. If this unique and funky property tickles your fancy then call 1st Option now. 

A truly eye catching Victorian public house conversion with original period features galore
The Roost’s beautiful stoned garden juxtaposes the quirky interior

Luckily for you, we’re not quite done yet, and lucky for us with the 21stCentury becoming so digital, it has allowed for our final examples, two ex-textile factories, to be converted into awesome shoot locations. Roll on Belt Craft and Buckle Factory. Both situated a stone’s throw from Seven Sisters Station, these large open warehouses have been stripped back to their most original raw existence.

Belt Craft, an ex-textile factory converted into an awesome shoot location

Original wooden floors, brickwork and large windows that provide an abundance of natural light give these spaces a ton of character and we love them both over here. 

A sample of the ton of character on offer at Buckle Factory

Let us know what you think of these properties, personally we can’t get enough of them.