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Studios: Lifestyle vs Blank Canvas

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Styled, lifestyle led studios or empty, blank canvas studios? Which style should you choose for your next shoot? There is often an ongoing debate over which type of studio is better, however, what it really comes down to is which suits your shoot better. While they both have their pros and cons, you have to know exactly what you are looking for if you are to make an informed decision. The key is to know what you’re looking to achieve in your final shots. So without further ado here are the benefits of both.

Styled Studios

Styled studios generally come with an array of interesting and mood creating props, one location that does the effortlessly is the fabulous Dalston Heights

Dalston Heights and its unique props

If you are struggling to come up with a theme for your shoot or don’t have enough money to decorate your set then styled studios might be more to your liking, properties like Belt Craft already give off a certain feeling, style or aesthetic, making your job a lot easier.

The unique aesthetic of Belt Craft

As just touched on, many styled studios come pre-set, offering you a certain aesthetic, whether it be quirky, moody or fun, however, in some cases they may differ from floor to floor offering you a selection of unique shooting opportunities all in one space. One property that highlights this perfectly is Friendly Place

Differing styles of Friendly Place

Because of the above points, there is the opportunity within styled studios to create one of a kind imagery that can’t be replicated in other locations, properties like Clapton Tram Shed are ideal examples of this.

Unique biophilic design of Clapton Tram Shed

Often these styled studios come in far larger spaces than their counterparts, warehouses for example like Buckle Factory, which is an ex textile factory, are often converted into new studio spaces and can be over 2000 sq,ft.

The vast space that Buckle Factory has to offer

Blank Canvas Studios

Blank canvas studios, on the other hand, allow you full control over the style of the shoot. Studios like Tram Depot come fairly bare, allowing you to decorate the set as much or as little as you see fit.

Ability to style however you see fit

More often than not these types of studios come with professional lighting and a selection of coloured backdrops, so if you are looking for some pristine headshots or on the other hand are looking to take some modelling shots, a property that fits the bill perfectly would be Loft Studios.

Professional lighting at Loft Studios

Blank canvas studios offer versatility in their own way, perhaps less overtly without a range of quirky props, but they are often equipped with blackout options, making the space ideal for all types of shoots much like Dalston Studio.

Blackout options at Dalston Studio

Another feature that blank canvas studios often possess is a dedicated hair and makeup room, generally because the style of shoot they cater for is more geared to the professional photography market. Shoreditch 2 is a great example of this. 

Hair and makeup area at Shoreditch 2

Finally, if you are looking for an event space, a blank canvas studio can often suit better, with not much pre-decoration you have full autonomy to style it however you see fit, Dome would be the ideal candidate here. If you’re looking to host an event with a bit more personality, somewhere like Studio East will give you more options than you could possibly imagine!

Event space at Studio East